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The Pengheng Space hotel, for instance, is a classic example of a capsule hotel with an interesting twist. What’s more? Here you have robots at your every beck and call. The innovative, futuristic design of the hotel adds on to its charm. If you are a solo traveler looking for an ideal accommodation for some peace and quiet, then the Pengheng Capsule Hotel is the perfect place for you.

Pengheng Space Capsules hotel

Read on to know more about this amazing place and reasons why it should be on your bucket list this holiday season:

Pengheng Space Capsules China

As kids, we believed in all the sci-fi stories and brilliant (and sometimes downright bizarre) theories they promoted. We wanted to be part of the world where there were high-tech machines, robots and super cool gadgets to do our bidding. Thankfully, science has managed to fulfill most, if not all, of those fantasies. Technology has changed the way we live. Some of the things that we see today would have been considered absurd some decades back. Even the hospitality sector has been touched and influenced by this development. The Pengheng Capsule hotel is one of the many space-themed hotels that have incorporated advanced artificial intelligence and robots in its services.

Pengheng Space Capsules China review

The hotel is located in the Tower B of the Economy Mansionin Shenzhen’s Bao’ a district. The Bao’ a district’s location is farthest from the major tourist attractions and commercial centres of the city. It is more of an industrial area with electronic factories, mills and some large-scale malls in the neighborhood. Everything from the front-desk to the lobby and the bedrooms are designed to resemble a spaceship. The space theme is further reinforced by the team of robots that act as hotel-staff/personnel catering to the guests.

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Humans always been fascinated with the cosmos. And only recently have we discovered the vastness and infinite wonders of the universe. This obsession with space is reflected in the contemporary literature, cinema and now even the hotel industry. Capsule hotels have been around for a long time. The first of these opened in 1979, Osaka, Japan. However, even after all these years, the purpose behind these accommodations remains the same- to provide a simple, solitary and functional pod to stay for a short duration.

Pengheng Space Capsules Shenzhen review

Capsule hotels are the ideal hangout spot for anti-social travelers who prefer to text rather than talk. The private pods are very compact, replete with all luxuries and self-sufficient as individual units. There are LED lighting, plush beds, TV, AC, coffee area and a personal robot butler at your service. The Pengheng hotel offers all of that and more. The décor reminds one of an old-fashioned sci-fi movie with cute, stocky robots and UFO-themed furnishings. The hotel has been around for but a couple of months now and had opened its doors to the public only last year. Over this period, it has gained quite a reputation for itself in the global market and is today considered to be among the finest capsule pods in China.

Pengheng Space Capsules hotel photos

We’ve all grown up watching and envying The Jetsons; yes that super cool family that traveled through spaceships and had a robot maid in the family. The ambiance at Pengheng is somewhat similar. Located in one of the busiest areas of mainland China, yet far away from the hub of activity, the Pengheng offers you the best of both worlds – citylife and the solitude you so crave. The building in itself is not very formidable or majestic but a very simple two-storeyed structure with huge glass windows and multiple white and purple LED lights. The frontdesk and reception are all supervised by robots who’re very cordial and efficient in welcoming guests.

Pengheng Space Capsules photos

The Pengheng capsule hotel has about 27 rooms and 150 capsule accommodations, all arranged in a double-decker structure. Everything from your meals to your beverages is served by robot butlers. Now, this might come across as a bit creepy for tourists who are used to the five-star luxuries and having attendants hovering all over them. But, for people who want to experience a private, comfortable, isolated stay, the Pengheng pods are the best choice.

Pengheng Space Capsules hotel photo

The exteriors of Pengheng are in stark contrast with what lies inside. While on the outside, the hotel looks like a departmental store with its glass windows and flashy lights, the interior décor is breathtakingly futuristic and unique. Once you are led up the stairs to the small lobby and reception, you’ll find a whole team of robot staff welcoming you in. Your luggage is taken care of, your keys are handed in by the robot receptionist, all your meals are delivered to your rooms by robot butlers- what more could you possibly want!?

Pengheng Space Capsules photo

The rooms are marked by blue LED lights, shiny metal furniture, spaced-themed decorations and a host of electronics. There are about 150 pods, all structured as double-decker bunk beds that make the place look more like a high-tech hostel and less like a hotel. You would have to crawl over, climb down/up the short ladder to gain access to your cubicle. The pods are so compact that you would not be able to stand inside but only sit or lie down on your bed. Each of the individual capsules has air conditioning, a flat-screened TV, a pair of headphones, a universal electrical outlet, a private locker and a bed lamp. The pods are not soundproof, the bathrooms are communal and meals can be ordered via the lobby counter or from restaurants outside.

Pengheng Space Capsules fotos

Whether you are a tech nerd, a gadget freak or harbor a childish dream of living in a world where robots cater to your whims- the Pengheng Capsule Hotel is the place for you this holiday season. There is never a dull moment here with all the robots bustling about and the flashy, futuristic furnishings to explore. Weary guests can book a pod and simply relax on their beds reading, watching TV or surfing the net all day. Your meals would be delivered to your rooms by robots. The capsules are great lodging options for people who need to get away from the urban squalor and spend some quality time with themselves.

Pengheng Space Capsules foto

There are quite a few tourist attractions in the neighborhood in case you want to go out for some sightseeing. Pengheng mostly caters to budget-minded domestic travelers and a few foreign backpackers. Keeping that in mind, it would be interesting to note the mix of traditional and modern activities that are planned for entertainment. There’s a lobby where you can socialize with other inmates, a café that turns into a nightclub bar after dark, a German-styled bar garden designed on the sidewalk and a BBQ setup for hosting parties in the evening.

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Capsule hotels are the exact opposite of the spacious and sophisticated luxury suites of modern hotels, but they’re growing increasingly popular (especially among solo tourists). Now, you obviously cannot expect the same facilities and elegance of a five-star suite. Capsule hotels have their own shortcomings and issues that you must be aware of before making a reservation. Listed below are a few interesting facts about Pengheng Space Capsule Hotel that every potential guest should know about:

  • Penghenghas situated away from the hustle of the city, you’d just find malls and electronics manufacturing companies in the vicinity.
  • The hotel is but 20 minutes from the Boa’an international Airport, and three stops away if you’re commuting by Metro.
  • There are shared bathrooms with individual showers, also, each sink has a separate hair drier.
  • The squat toilets are especially tiny and might be inconvenient for international travelers.
  • The capsules are not soundproof.
  • Do try out the authentic Chinese cuisines like rice cakes, noodles, Pot of Meat, barbequed lamb

We’ve sure come a long way from the traditional hotel accommodations of yesteryears. Back then, hotels were just resting places for weary travelers to crash in. Today, resorts are an indispensable part of the vacationing experience. The Pengheng Space Capsule Hotel in China is one such place where guests will find unique, unconventional lodging at fairly affordable prices. The innovative and futuristic décor guarantees an unforgettable experience. So, this holiday season, chuck the sandy beaches and hillsides, pay a visit to the future instead!

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