A Field Day Like Never Before at The Hotel Pestana CR7 in Funchal, Portugal

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Not long back, hotels focused on providing their guests a homely, cozy atmosphere, giving them a place to rest their weary limbs after a hectic day out. The modern day accommodations, however, offer travelers the best of luxuries and elegant furnishings. Today, an ideal hotel is not a place that reminds you of home but something that takes your mind off the mundane reality you have to live every day.

Pestana CR7 hotel

Larger than life infrastructure, top-notch services, and exotic locations of five-star resorts give you the perfect escape from the monotonous routine of life. One such hotel that has caught our eye is the Pestana CR7 in Funchal, the capital city of Portugal’s Madeira archipelago. The resort is co-owned by Pestana Hotels and world renowned football player Cristiano Ronaldo. You don’t have to be a football fanatic to stay here, but it sure helps you are a sports enthusiast as the place is peppered with souvenirs and pictures of the star player.

Pestana CR7 Portugal

Read on to know all about the Pestana CR7 and reasons why it is the ideal destination this holiday season.

Pestana CR7 Portugal review

Pestana Hotels and Groups are spread across three continents, Europe, South America and Africa. The largest hotel company in Portugal, Pestana was ranked 109th in the 300 top hotels as stated by the Hotel Magazine. Owned and developed by Manuel Pestana, the story of the resort dates back to 1965 when Mr. Pestana acquired the Atlantic hotel, a beach-front property in Funchal. There he built a five-star Sheraton that is today known as the Pestana Carlton Madeira Hotel. The brand went on to establish and acquire many other hotels under the Pestana name and is presently handled by Mr. Pestana’s son Dionisio Pestana.

Pestana CR7 number of rooms

The Pestana CR7 is jointly owned by the Real Madrid player and Pestana group of hotels and is set 300 meters away from the town of Funchal, Portugal. The town itself has a history of being one of the oldest settlements in Portugal, offering travelers an interesting mix of Gothic and Roman cultures. Set in the backdrop of hills, a harbor and scenic garden, the town is a peaceful paradise far away from the din and chaos of cities. The football themed resort, though, is the epitome of luxury and sophistication built with an infinity pool, open-air gymnasium and a bath big enough to look like a football field!

Pestana CR7 interior

David Beckham launched a perfume range, Lionel Messi introduced a limited edition Adidas shoe collection and now Cristiano Ronaldo has joined the game with his new boutique hotel. The modern five-star hotel is perched over the harbor in Funchal, the star player’s hometown on the Portuguese island of Madeira. The unique name of the resort is a testament to the partnership between Pestana and Ronaldo. The name CR7 refers to the jersey number of the Real Madrid player (of course!). Backed by the world’s most renowned footballer, the place is everything a sports junkie would expect and more. The 48-room hotel offers guests a collection of iconic sports memorabilia including Ronaldo’s pictures, shirts, trophies, and trainers.

Pestana CR7 hotel photos

Armed with all the digital gadgets, this intuitive and utterly sleek hotel has the latest designs with a dash of sports references thrown here and there. The grassed carpet, spacious lobby and locker-like closets are all reminiscences of the high-school days. Guests can also check out the museum next door dedicated to Ronaldo’s life and achievements. Glamorous yet very comfortable, the place is sure a hit with football fanatics, especially die-hard fans of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Pestana CR7 interior design

With high and mighty cliffs, deep set valleys and a picturesque harbor in the background, the hotel Pestana CR7 looks like something straight out of a magazine. The architectural design of the place screams of elegance and sophistication. Colors like red, white, and blue dominate the infrastructure. Oh, and the place is replete with pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo and his souvenirs so much so that it borders on being a bit narcissistic. The one-storeyed building features a classic wood construction with huge glass doors and a spacious deck where guests can just laze around getting a wonderful tan. The place also comes with an inbuilt restaurant, infinity pools, and an open-air gym.

Pestana CR7 exterior

Pestana CR7 interior

Cristiano Ronaldo opened doors to his new five-star resort in Funchal last year and while the architecture is simple and minimalistic, the same cannot be said about the interiors. Pestana CR7 is every footballer’s dream destination. The glam hotel sure aims at being a trendsetter in Portugal with its open-air swimming pool, lines of chaises and a state-of-art gymnasium equipped with the latest machines. The interior décor is essentially masculine with the darker shades of black, gray and silver dominating the better part of the rooms. Extra wide beds, modular sofas, and mood-sensitive LED lights add on to the appeal of the rooms. The elegant bathroom is a delight for the senses with a private Jacuzzi, spacious baths and showers.

Pestana CR7 photo

Every room here is equipped with the most advanced facilities such as free Wi-Fi, LCD TV and integrated Bluetooth for streaming music and USB charging points. From standard CR rooms to luxury Superior rooms and VIP suites, you get it all here. The interior décor is heavily textured and spacious, an eclectic mix of contemporary designs and pop art. The Superior rooms have more romantic and soft undertones, better suited for couples. The CR7 Suites are slick, smart and suave offering the best views.

Pestana CR7 fotos

Funchal is located in the south of Madeira and boasts of the sunniest of coasts, majestic banana plantations, and beautiful flower gardens. Hotel CR7 is strategically placed on the edges of the town near the harbor giving guests the opportunity to explore the nightlife and local attractions of the place without being intimidated by it. The Cristiano Ronaldo Museum is a 7-minute walk; the Madeira Casino is 200m while the shopping center about 5kms away. Even the Madeira airport is quite nearby, a 15-minute drive maximum.

Pestana CR7 foto

Funchal is the hub for adventure activities and extreme sports. Scuba diving in the clear waters, surfing the massive waves of the Atlantic, boat trips, swimming with the dolphins, whale-watching, paragliding, trekking, mountain climbing, and camping are some of the activities you can enjoy here. The outdoor gym comes with a customized “Get in Shape” program for those who love sweating it out while the large swimming pool surrounded by numerous lounges is the perfect way to spend a lazy day and get gorgeously tanned this summer.

Pestana CR7 interior

For those who love staying indoors in the lap of luxury, Pestana CR7 provides free Wi-Fi, a 48” LCD TV, and a Play Station 4 with virtual-reality glass! The place also caters to party animals, there are an in-house DJ and a rooftop bar where tourists can mingle and socialize. With pictures of Ronaldo’s chiseled face and ripped body that pop-up left, right, and center, this place is nothing short of wonderland for fan-girls!

Pestana CR7 exterior

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Hotel Pestana CR7 can be best described as a tribute to Cristiano Ronaldo, a testament to his achievements where his fans can get to know all about him while enjoying a luxurious stay. And while it is not mandatory that you have to be a football enthusiast to visit the place, being one sure adds on to the experience. Listed below are some interesting facts and trivia about Pestana CR7 that you probably do not know of.

  • The name CR7 is a direct reference to the jersey number worn by Ronaldo.
  • The star player’s pictures, trophies, Jersey and other souvenirs are dotted along the hotel premises- the theme is not explicitly stated in every nook and cranny of the resort.
  • Pestana CR7 is planning to expand their hotels to other cities including Lisbon, Madrid and New York City.
  • The wood-fired pizzas, burgers and buffet breakfasts are signature dishes of the hotel you must try.
  • The most expensive and biggest of rooms, the CR7 Suite has a bath featuring mirror shaped like Ronaldo’s sunglasses. It feels like a football field in there!
  • The rooms are uniquely furnished with “selfie mirrors”, locker-like closets and motion-sensitive LED lighting.
  • When you’re in Funchal you just cannot afford to miss out on the Wine Festival and Fireworks.

Perched on the harbor, the hotel is frequented by couples and solo travelers alike. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a fan; the brick red architecture dotted with caricatures of Ronaldo is a sight to behold. The hotel can be summed up by Ronaldo’s favorite quote that is displayed in the lounge, “To be the best, you need the best”.

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