Creative City Lodge in Berlin: Propeller Island

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About the Hotel

Looking for an unusual Germany hotel to stay for a night? Don’t bother yourself too much with aimless worries; if you’re adventurous and an ardent seeker for freshness, the perfect place for you will be the Propeller Island City Lodge. But this ‘island’ doesn’t refer to the one you can find in a dictionary – to be precise, the “Propeller Island” is a single phrase and as a whole it is meant to provide a unique treat to your sensory organs; yeah, all of them! The designer and owner of this lodge was an artist cum musician, who tried to break the conventional image of hospitality, reframing the idea with his creative genius and path-breaking outlook turning this place into a complete artistic expression containing different forms and shades. It attracts travelers from all across the globe every year to enjoy the splendid view of this site. This guide will try to help you out with the details if you’re at all interested to have a look at this work of art.

Propeller Island City Lodge

Artist Lars Stroschen, rented out some of the rooms of his Berlin residence, making way for some extra cash. But this creative person couldn’t stand the idea of mainstream lodges. Thus he designed each and every room of this lodge in a unique fashion. But the designs are not just for aesthetic pleasure and have some kind of thematic approach taking the positional and structural orientation of the rooms into consideration. It will be better to refer this place as a collage of thematic patterns juxtaposed by a conscious artistic sensibility. At first it didn’t have many rooms, but as it started to attract more and more tourists gradually, Stroschen was forced to get more rooms involved and as a result, in 2013 this lodge was accommodated with thirty rooms of unique themes inclusive of an art gallery, a dining hall and a reception lounge. The artist was a composer himself. So he took the pains to design the soundscape for every other room adding to their visual vividness. His central principle was to design this lodge without any replication and repetition which in turn transformed this place into a completely original piece of work. Some of the rooms are namely Freedom, Mirror room, Flying Bed, Symbols, Electric Wallpapers, Dwarf etc., signifying the range of patterns in the conceptual tapestry that hangs over this place.

Propeller Island City Lodge - Wrapped

Wrapped. A tubular room for 3 with consecutively ordered, terraced beds. The floor is hilly and even the wands are tilted!

Propeller Island City Lodge - Blue Room

In front of an exclusively blue background mirrored sails have been set up around the bed. This room was previously called Mirrors, it was and still remains one of the earliest City Lodge favorites.

Propeller Island City Lodge - Gallery

Gallery. The bathroom in this room is like a small house, entirely made of blue glass. From the high seat you can observe the antics and ‘goings-on’ in the circular bed, and its rotations present you with constantly changing perspectives through strategically empty picture frames.

Propeller Island City Lodge - Upside Down

Upside Down. The furnishings hang from the ceiling and you sleep and sit in comfortable boxes beneath the floorboards. Uncannily surreal! The only four-bed room. One of the most unique accomodations.

The main attraction of this place is its uniqueness. Many photos and videos have been shot over here exploiting the lodge’s ingenuity. You’ll be asked to make three choices about the room preferences at the time of booking, just in case the most favorite of yours is not available. The staffs of this hotel are extremely courteous and helpful. Once the key is provided and you open the door, an inevitable ‘wow’ will escape from your mouth. And if you have kids, it’ll be quite a wonder for them, for certain! The first floor contains a minibar and a breakfast room. You can also use the Wi-Fi facility throughout the hotel premises, but you will get the best of it in the first floor. There are small Asian restaurants just a few steps from the hotel. You’ll be taken to any of the rooms—provided no residents are in there—by the staffs and can have a close look at all the small details and artifacts. The ambient music is also an added bonus provided with your room. Some of the rooms being spooky and weird can be disturbing for your little kids. So take time in choosing the correct room. You’ll get to see the images of each and every room on their website. Above all, it’s one of the most ‘out of the box’ hotels in the whole world. A stay in here is a memory for lifetime.

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How to Book:

Useful Advices:

A stay in this hotel needs planning and is not going to be an emotional endeavor. Be very cautious and jot down the points of concern:

  • Visit their website. Take a look at all of the rooms, read about their ambiance. Carefully pick out the three choices that you’ll be asked for in the booking session. Get the booking done much prior to you trip, so that the probability is higher to get the room of your choice.
  • Though the distance is not much, it’s better to take a cab from Adenauerplatz station (the nearest one, station Charlottenburg is also convenient from here), if it’s your first time to this place.
  • Note that, after 12 noon there will be no receptionist. You’ll be provided a code, and using that you’ll have to go through a critical procedure (mainly for security issues), to get the key for your room.
  • Have a little drink at the minibar. You can also work using the free Wi-Fi and most of the time, the connection is quite stable and strong.
  • The breakfast is awesome and is served within 8.
  • If you’re not tired and can find any staff, you can ask for a guided tour to the other rooms. They’ll help you out for sure.
  • Make sure to visit the art gallery too.
  • The place is at a quiet part of Charlottenburg area in West Berlin. If you have children with you, be a little cautious down the streets.
  • Going for a lunch at the nearby Asian eateries is highly recommended.
  • On checking out, the memory of this short stay is going to be ingrained in your brain forever.
  • The lodge is quite near from both station Adenauerplatz and station Charlottenburg. The area is a bit offbeat, but the surrounding food joints have made it quite safe and social in here. But still don’t let your kids go here and there without your supervision. From the station (whichever you are from), take a taxi.
Propeller Island City Lodge - Freedom

Freedom. A friendly prison cell with a hole in the wall. The toilet is in the room, just like we know it should be!

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