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The simple joys of nature are slowly dwindling away as the world is submerged into the vortex of industrial growth and technological advancements. The need for figuring out a sustainable, eco-friendly solution has become a raging trend in the market, a theme that almost every sector is trying to monetize on. The tourism industry is no less, eco-resorts, nature hotels, and jungle themed lodgings are popping up in the most remote exotic corners around the globe. These lodgings are both primitive in design and modern in facilities, offering travelers a unique, memorable experience.

Pumphouse Point hotel

The Pumphouse Point is one such resort built on Lake St. Clair, Tasmania, Australia that promises a heady mix of mechanical sturdiness and raw natural charm. Perched precariously at the end of a 230 meters Hydro flume atop Australia’s deepest lake, this resort is a hub of activity and adventure. The place originally meant to be used for building a hydro-electric project is now among the best vacationing spots in Australia! Read on to know all about the story of Pumphouse Point. Discussed below are the main features and facilities offered at this lake hotel on St. Clair in our hotel review below:

Pumphouse Point Australia

Before we move on to discuss the story of Pumphouse Point, let us go back further in history and discover the origins of the mysterious lake, St Clair that forms the foundations of this incredible resort. It all started almost 20,000 years ago when the frozen earth was thawed by a rumbling glacier, forging a steep ravine that later was known as the deepest lake in Australia. You can find some traces of the glacial formations even today at Pumphouse Point. The lake soon became the focal point of all activity, inhabited by local tribes who called the late Leeawuleena or “Sleeping Waters.”

Pumphouse Point Australia review

European explorers and adventurers visited this primordial oasis of flora and fauna in the year 1832, and by 1930 the industrial revolution had affected the quiet corners of Australia as well. Scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs indulged heavily in constructing a framework sturdy enough to harness the power of the lake. Hence about a decade later, the State Hydro Electricity Scheme built a five-storey pumphouse set about 900-feet in the lake. Recognized as an industrial heritage by the Tasmanian Heritage Register, the pumphouse soon became a major tourist attraction.

Constructed in the 1940s as a part of Tasmania’s hydro-electric scheme, the two buildings namely the pumphouse and the storehouse were left abandoned for almost 20 years. It was only much later in 2015 that the site was renovated by Simon Currant to become the Lake hotel Pumphouse Point we see today.

Pumphouse Point Tasmania

Build initially as a hydro-electric project; Pumphouse Point has now become an industrial relic that is uncannily placed at the edge of a 230-meter wooden plank in the heart of Lake St. Clair. Today, the site has been refurbished into a magnificent boutique hotel designed by Columbus Studios. From replacing the asbestos roof to adding huge bay windows and an all-glass lobby section, the team of architects has worked wonders in converting the old pump house into a luxury resort. The place still features the original pump as a tribute to the building’s industrial past. The external construction and interior décor of the site are discussed in detail below:


Ever since its inception, Pumphouse Point has strived to strike a chord between rugged simplicity and unrefined comfort. The first thing you notice about the building is the perfect symmetry of construction. The standard framework of the place is minimalistic and elegant, to say the least. The pumphouse stays faithful to the original design with only the roof being replaced. The 18-room hotel features two luxurious lounges and 12 suites that are built around the main structure of the pumphouse. The lakehouse was converted into a 6-room hotel and dining area. Keeping true to its roots, the resort has kept its state-of-art turbines intact, allowing guests a glimpse into the hotel’s industrial heritage. Surrounded by high mountain ranges and water, the place is nothing short of paradise for nature lovers and lone travelers.

The solid interiors perfectly compliment the simple yet sturdy framework of the area. With 18 guest rooms, 12 of which are built around the pumphouse and remaining six inside the lake house, the resort is surprisingly small, cozy and private. The building also has its kitchen, dining area and lounge for tourists to relax and interact with each other. The place, though renovated, has managed to stay true to is authentic design. The bare minimum changes applied on the exteriors are a deliberate decision so as to put greater emphasis on the interior décor of the place. The heavy-duty metal doors and spacious foyer from the middle ground are in sharp contrast with the wilderness outside. The rooms painted in neutral hues are sparsely furnished creating a perfect cocoon of hardwood and concrete construction.

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Pumphouse Point is the perfect gateway for couples and lone travelers looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The deep, calming waters of Lake St. Clair and the surrounding highlands have a calming effect on our senses so accustomed to the rush and chaos of urban dwellings. Boating and fishing happen to be among the most popular activities here at Pumphouse Point. The hotel hires a special tour guide for escorting guests through the neighboring areas. Owing to its rustic, enchanting ambiance, this vacation spot is a hit among couples who want to spend some quality time away from the general stress and monotony of their lives. Soak up the sunshine, breathe in the fresh mountain air and lose yourself in the lush greenery.

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Situated midway between two Tasmanian hotspots, the state capital Hobart and Strahan on the west coast, the place is a convenient vacation spot that you can visit while on the state tour. The hotel has its mini bar and lounging area. However, you can also check out the Dewerent Bridge Pub that is about five kilometers away from the resort property.

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Pumphouse Point is no high-profile luxury resort; in fact, the place is the epitome of simplicity and convenience. The sparse furnishings and minimalistic design of the site only highlight the natural beauty and wilderness of the area. The breath-taking surroundings more than make up for the lack of artificial amenities and modern luxuries. The traditional construction of the resort has managed to remain untainted with just minor alterations here and there. The log cabins and concrete sites are neat and spacious with plenty of sunlight and fresh air. The walls are planked with rich Tasmanian oak-wood while the huge glass windows offer a picture-perfect view of the lake that embraces the property from all sides. The rooms, though furnished in neutral palettes have all the modern facilities that ensure a comfortable stay. The hosts of the hotel Josh and Rene are equally warm and friendly in their approach, catering to all your needs.

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The entire framework seems to be afloat on the lake and gives an illusion of living on a boat. Moving on to food, the lake hotel has no proper kitchen instead; it follows a very informal approach of buffets and self- service. Moreover, if you want a taste of the authentic flavors, the delicious local Tasmanian cuisines are always on the menu.

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Strategically placed on the edge of the Western Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Site, the hotel Pumphouse Point manages to strike the delicate balance raw, untamed nature and contemporary charm. Listed below are some interesting facts and trivia about the resort that you should probably know about if you are planning to make a reservation:

  • Extremely eco-friendly and sustainable in design, the place has a minimum dependence on the local electricity sources for power. It harnesses the natural thermal heat of the lake and natural ventilation.
  • The entire restoration project was completed on a very tight budget and uses renewable, and recycled materials for construction.
  • All rooms are well-furnished and equipped with the best technology electronics. Plus free Wi-Fi and complimentary breakfasts are an added perk.
  • You will hardly need a car here as most of the tourist locations can be reached on foot.
  • The place welcomes couples, lone travelers, and families, alike, however, due to the risks involved, children below 12 are not allowed.

Caught amidst the cluttered buildings; lost in the concrete jungle of urban cities, the lone soul years for solitude and wonder of nature. Pumphouse Point with its quirky framework and unique design happens to be among the rare lodgings at Australia that combine the best of sophistication and comfort. Flanked by the lake on all sides, the lake hotel is the very epitome of environmental stewardship and sustainability.

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