Quadrum Hotel – A Cozy, Quirky, and Comfortable Stay in Thee Snowy Lap of Upper Gudauri

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About the Hotel

Though one of the newest hotels on the block, having opened in 2017, it has already made quite a name for itself in the international market. It has received rave reviews from the patrons for the quality service and the scenic views. Also, there is very little competition as of yet as it is the only hotel ofits kind.

Quadrum Hotel

The hotel won Best Mountain Accommodation Award 2017 in Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism awards right after its opening.

Quadrum Hotel Georgia

Gudauri is a skiing resort ‘full of fresh air and snow’. There are seven lifts to reach its different slopes. Note that whileyou won’t have any problem with security, you have to bring your own gear as there are no well-established shops in this place. On weekends, you can indulge in some night skiing. The place has strict law and order requirements, and taking part in activities while under influence is a criminal offence.

Quadrum Hotel Georgia review

This hotel has been built to make boarders get the best out of the destination which is famous internationally for skiing and snowboarding. Gudauri is a location that has everything a mountain resort could offer- amazing landscape with indescribable views, awesome winter sports facilities, and most importantly, responsible comfort.

Quadrum Hotel interior

Georgians Sandro Ramishvili and Irakli Eristavi are the architects who conceptualized and created this hotel. Though its style is minimal, the surroundings make it imposing and inviting for adventurers from across the globe. The minimalism was adopted with the intention of focusing on the environment. So much so that the architects did not touch the landscape while building the hotel. The hotel is a tribute to the sparse but beautiful landscape, and is totally in harmony with it. Also, hardcore mountaineers do not like luxury hotelswith a lot of people in mountain resorts. And the Quadrum Hotel at Gudauri is mindful of that.

Quadrum Hotel Gudauri review

The entire hotel is shaped like a pyramid, influenced by the surrounding mountains. Also, it’s almost fascinating to note that it is made with recycled shipping containers. All the other materials used too are locally produced, taking a break from all the corporate rabble. Nestled cozily among the surrounding mountains, the hotel was built with utmost care for the fragile ecosystem. There were no deep excavation, nor any rock cutting while the hotel was constructed. To minimize its footprints and the impact on the soil, the hotel is elevated and supported by thin steel supports!

Quadrum Hotel foto

Let this not scare you. The rooms are completely safe and secure and are made to withstand rough weather conditions. All these combined make the Quadrum not only a beautiful but also an intelligent creation.

Quadrum Hotel photos

There are 11 rooms in this hotel including single rooms for individuals and doubles and suites for families. It is a 3.5-star hotel. And ALL the rooms along with their bathrooms come with their own unique mountain views. All the double rooms and suites in this hotel come with their own attached terraces to help you enjoy the view and the mountain sun with refreshments, some music or a book.

Quadrum Hotel photo

Thanks to its growing reputation, Gudauriis fast becoming a hotspot for snow adventure enthusiasts. As a result, you will come across a number of world-class hotels. Not only is it an architectural marvel, but also preferred by sports lovers, winter tourists, and fitness enthusiasts because of the multi dimensional experiences on offer.

Quadrum Hotel photo

It is just a short distance away from the Gudauri Recreational Area, the Church of Saint George, the patron saint of the country, and the Sadzele Peak. Since 2018, it has started yoga facilities, along with a fitness room and a swimming pool. The location of the hotel is awesome. It is 2.3 kilometres from the Gudauri Recreational Area, 4.2 kilometres from the Sadzele Peak, and 28.2 kilometres from Mt Kuro. It comes with its own free parking andski storage facilities. The nearest ski lift is just 5 minutes’ walk away.

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The Quadrum is known for organizing events regularly, helping guests get more value from their stay. From sightseeing to adventure, everything is covered. And when it all gets too much, grab your double espresso and laze on the spacious terraces provided with all living spaces.

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How to Book:

Before you plan your stay at Quadrum, go through these information bits, meant to help you enjoy more:

  • The minimum check-in age for this place is 18. And this property does not allow pets.
  • Breakfast services are from 8 AM to 11 AM and are included in the booking price. The coffee is in a common area.
  • Free WiFi service is available in all the public areas, along with in-room WiFi.
  • Remember that the average skiable elevation ofGudauri is 2,133 m or 7,000 ft above sea level. This means that the weather can be often unpredictable and chaotic. Old people or people with weak immunity and children need to put in extra consideration before booking a stay here.
  • Precisely because of the height it is situated in, it needs to be mentioned here that the hotel comes with all the modern facilities in every room that you can expect in any other3.5-star hotel in the plains.
  • The frontdesk is open 24 hours.
  • The hotel comes with a friendly staff recommending and organizing trips and any adventure sports the boarders want to take part in.
  • In spite of its location, the place is very well-connected through road and air. Located 200 kilometres north of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, every passing vehicle stops here. To help tourists enjoy the often risky sports in a generally risky terrain without worrying about accessing healthcare services, there is the dedicated Gudauri Emergency Medical Unit with trained professionals and top of the line equipment to. All you need to do is to stay updated with the weather forecasts, as snowstorm makes the roads inaccessible. The hotel staff will gladly help smooth things out for you.

It might be tiny, but the Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort has become a name to be reckoned with in Georgia within just a year of its opening. Considering its remote location and the relatively new entry of Georgia in the tourism market, it is a remarkable achievement. As is the fact that many new features and services are constantly being added to the hotel. So if you are planning a trip to the region, definitely plan your stay here for an unforgettable experience spiced with some heavenly views.

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