Robin’s Nest Treehouse Hotel, Germany – A Beautiful Abode Befitting The Ways of Outlaws!

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About the Hotel

As children, you heard of stories about Tarzan or George of the Jungle, wishing and wondering about living a primitive life amongst animals in the lap of nature. Then you grew up and life happened. Things became monotonous and you forgot all about those fascinations that once kept you awake. Family vacations and holidays, albeit rare, thanks to the overwhelming work pressure, present a wonderful opportunity to break free from reality and live those childhood fancies. The Robin’s Nest is a tree-house hotel in Germany that breaks free from the conventional infrastructure of a luxury hotel and offers guests a unique experience of contemporary comforts and rural charm. Read on to know more:

Robin's Nest Treehouse Hotel

Robin’s Nest is an ideal hideaway home for couples and solo travelers looking for an escape into the wild. The resort was opened to the public in April 2014 and has aimed at offering guests a balanced experience of modern luxuries coupled with outdoor camping. The hotel is nestled cozily in the forest of Hesse Germany. The gorgeous tree house is a rustic gateway with all the modern facilities. The unique wooden structure of the building is constructed upon elevated platforms. Here, guests can sleep on the leafy branches and treetops comfortably, literally settled in the warm lap of nature.

Robin's Nest Treehouse Hotel interior design

Robin’s Nest hotel is the brainchild of entrepreneur Peter Becker who wanted to move into the quite solitary woods after his experiences of a couple of years in Berlin managing a bar. He and some of his friends spend almost half a year designing and building the place, working consistently, even during a snowstorm to complete the project. After six months of grueling hard work, he finally managed to construct the masterpiece of an accommodation. Peter Becker is the sole owner and caretaker of the place; he runs the place all by himself. The Robin’s Nest is a hotel owned and managed by a man who is not afraid to follow his childhood dreams. The hotel is vibrant, fun and lively and aims at recreating the classic Robin Hood inspired hideout in the thick forest away from civilization.

Robin's Nest Treehouse Hotel Germany review

Robin’s Nest is set smack in the middle of Germany inside the Hesse forests. The strings of accommodations are strategically placed on the top of a small mountain surrounded by mud trails winding through villages and quiet countryside. The entire structure consists of three tree houses and one bubble treehouse along with a couple other rooms. The place seems to be heavily inspired by Berlepsch Castle hotel and the story of Robin Hood.

Robin's Nest Treehouse Hotel number

There are seven wooden tree houses constructed in the pentagon shaped structures. Four of these tree houses are built on the ground while the remaining three are designed around the tall trees. The ball-shaped tree houses easily accommodate four adults. There are two other tree houses connected by a bridge that are much bigger and can house eight inmates. Becker plans on expanding the small cluster of seven cabins to a full-fledged community of tree houses complete with a spa and a natural swimming pool.

Robin's Nest Treehouse Hotel Hesse review

There are seven cabins each designed according to a different theme and are built entirely from natural materials. Even the interior décor and furnishings are constructed by Becker and his team of architects using wild-wood from the forests. Each room has an electric heater for temperature regulation and comfortable double beds. The plumbing of the treehouse is separated from the living spaces; hence, guests have to share communal bathrooms and toilets. The bio-dry composting toilets come with a basin and a gallon of water. The place has no Wi-Fi and is completely disconnected from civilization.

Robin's Nest Treehouse Hotel number of rooms

There are different kinds of rooms available in the Baumhotel Robin’s Nest such as Birkenhaus, Korkhaus, Stelzenhaus, tree tents and treehouse ball. The Birkenhaus or Birk tree house is the largest accommodation. It is about five meters high and offers the best view of the castle and nearby forests. The cabins can house four guests and is perfect for families or group of friends. The Korkhaus or Cork treehouse is situated in the denser part of the forest and is about seven meters high. The interiors are furnished with larch wood and noble wall cork; also the large windows are lined with colored glass. The cabins also come with an open terrace. The Stelzenhaus or the stilt tree houses are spacious huts that can accommodate about eight people at once. Old oak windows, cherry wall paneling, oak flooring, and the rust cast-iron stove give the place a unique charm and beauty. The tree tents are a recent addition at Robin’s Nest and combine the best of a tent and a hammock.

Robin's Nest Treehouse Hotel photos

There is no dearth of activities to do at the Robin’s Nest, the hotel is designed for adventure lovers and nature lovers who love staying outdoors. The hotel premises are peppered with long trails and idyllic walks. You even get a spa, a block sauna and natural swimming pool for relaxing your strained muscles after a hectic day out. Guests can socialize with other inmates at the Forest Bar, a hangout spot designed where you can lounge and enjoy your favorite beverage.

Robin's Nest Treehouse Hotel photo

There are loads of seasonal recreational activities as well such as treks and expeditions carried out under the guidance of a professional. The hotel also arranges special buffet lunches featuring popular medieval cuisines that tourist can enjoy. You can even join the various workshops or volunteer for art projects at Robin’s Nest.

Robin's Nest Treehouse Hotel photo

Robin’s Nest is situated in the center of Germany and is very near to Hesse’s most beautiful medieval castle – Schloss Berlepsch. A mere few steps away from the tree houses, the gates of Schloss Berlepsch open the door to the middle ages of gallant kings, magnificent dragons, and gentle damsels. Check out the 1000-year-old excavations from the Schlosskeller in the Berlepsch Museum or get a taste of the country life by visiting the local fairs and festivals. Guests usually head out after getting some rest in the forest, the quaint Old Tower in Hanover and the city of Frankfurt are also a mere two-hour drive away. The place is a dream destination for history lovers, art enthusiasts and anyone interested in the Middle Ages. Other castles and tourist spots include Hanstein Castle, the Werratal Therme, and the Hannoversch Munden.

Robin's Nest Treehouse Hotel fotos

The Robin’s Nest or the Baumhausherberge is as close to nature as you can possibly get. The wooden cabins, tall tree houses, and comfortable tree-tents are different from the usual five-star luxuries you’d find at other accommodations; however, here you get to explore the forest freely. Away from the din and chaos of the cities, here, guests can introspect, meditate and explore their primitive selves.

Robin's Nest Treehouse Hotel foto

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The Robin’s Nest is a beautifully designed secluded tree house hotel that lets you connect with nature again. Mentioned below are a few interesting facts and informative trivia about the place that will make your experience all the more enjoyable:

  • The treehouses designed and constructed by Peter Becker and his group of 12-15 friends, everything from the cabins to the furniture is hand-made using recyclable materials
  • The toilets and bathrooms are set 150 meters away from the cabins and have to be shared.
  • Becker plans on installing showers and flush toilets in the coming years along with a spa and natural swimming pool
  • The place has no Wi-Fi and encourages people to socialize and connect with their families rather than spend time on social media
  • The forest bar provides organic lunches and breakfasts, special beverages include mineral water, bio-lemonade, and alcohol.
  • The structure is about 7 meters high and offers an amazing view of the surrounding forests; you can reach the top using the long winding stairs and hängebrücken.
  • The hotel also organizes several events and special programs such as food festivals, expeditions, flea markets, and musical concerts that you can attend. Check out with Peter, and he’ll be glad to tell you about the upcoming events, so that you can choose your vacation dates accordingly.

How cool would it be if you could call your eight-year old self and say that you live in a tree-house! The Robin’s Nest is ideal for an adventurer, a traveler who still harbors a child inside him and wants to explore the treasures of nature. The place is set on the ancient grounds of Schloss Berlepsch, deep in the hinterland of Waldhessen and aims at preserving the ecological balance and biodiversity of the Hesse forests. The entire area has a very rustic atmosphere perfect and offers a memorable stay for guests who want to experience the forest in her wild, primitive glory.

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