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About the Hotel

Sant'Angelo hotel

The hospitality industry has changed for the better. Gone are the days when customers wanted a cozy, homely lodging to spend their vacation. Today, travelers are looking for places set in unique locations offering top quality luxury services. Luxury hotels with their fantastic architecture and amazing attractions are a hot favorite among the elite.

Sant'Angelo Italy

International destinations such as Rome, Italy and other European countries with their rich heritage have always been a hot favorite among adventurous travelers. However, rarely does one find a hotel that combines the best of sophistication and style. The Sant’Angelo Luxury Resort is one such place that you simply have to visit if you are in Italy. Set amongst the magnificent Matera Sassi caves (recognized and protected by UNESCO as a heritage site), the place is far cut off from the din and chaos of urban of urban squalor. With its surreal ambiance and antique charm, it is an ideal destination for lone travelers and couples looking for a romantic getaway.

Sant'Angelo Italy review

Designed by the famous Italian designer Stefano Tardito, the hotel is a part of a restoration project that works towards renovating and preserving the ancient cave-dwellings, cobbled streets, courtyards, and buildings of Matera. The place is built on the unique concept of “scattered hotel “or Albergo diffuso” beautifully depicting how broken, incomplete, imperfect pieces seamlessly fuse together to form the perfect picture. Let us explore the many features and facilities that guests can enjoy at Sant’Angelo in this review.

Sant'Angelo exterior

The Sant’Angelo Resort is what you would call the meeting point of ancient charm and modern luxury. Nestled cozily amongst the Stones of Matera, the resort is peppered with traditional dwellings, 21 to be exact. Each residence features a specially designed interior décor offering guests a broad spectrum of choices. The resort is carved of rock and ultimately opens into the city of Civita, the oldest part of Matera.

Sant'Angelo Matera review

The hotel is strategically placed at the starting point of Matera Sassi, a point from where the city of Matera, the Murgia Plateau and the Greek colony of Metaponto are easily visible. The hotel is carefully planned out in a series of rows offering a panoramic view of the city’s streets and courtyards. A bird’s eye view of the place reveals how the resort is split into distinct parts that circle the center (one of the reasons why the place is also called ‘scattered hotel’).

Sant'Angelo hotel photos

Surrounded by the high and mighty Matera Sassi, the resort was originally a part of the restoration project preserving the ancient cave dwellings and buildings of Matera. The entire structure is carved out of tufa rock offering guests an elegant décor without compromising on the ecological balance of the place. The architecture of the resort is a beautiful fusion of cobbled streets, courtyards, old dwellings and ancient streets merging into one seamless whole.

Sant'Angelo photos

To preserve the beauty and inimitability of the place, the Sant’Angelo Resort is built on the idea of “Albergo Diffuso” featuring a series of scattered sites around the central building. The site is also surrounded by two striking arches and terraces of the Piazza San Pietro Caveoso, giving the resort a regal charm and sophistication. Guests can reach their rooms through a series of alleys, stairs, and patios flanked by lush green vegetation. The architecture stays faithful to the original design featuring but a few minor tweaks here and there.

Sant'Angelo hotel photo

Sant'Angelo photo

The interior décor of the resort is, if different at all, more impressive than its unique architecture. Sant’Angelo is a resort that would appeal to travelers who love lodging in unusual places that combine the best of primitive design and modern furnishings. For interior décor, the resort stays true to the authentic structure of Matera.

Sant'Angelo fotos

Sant'Angelo interior

There are a total of 23 rooms or cave dwellings built of tufa rock (some located inside the cave while others set inside the building built later). Each dwelling is different from the other with its unique furnishings and setup respecting the natural design of Matera caves. The rooms are airy, comfortable and minimalistic with neutral colored walls and slanted windows for plenty of sunlight.

Sant'Angelo Matera

You also get high-tech modern amenities such as free Wi-Fi connectivity, LCD TVS and air conditioners for a super comfortable stay. Distinguished in terms of the space and facilities provided, the hotel offers three main types of rooms that guests can choose from,

  • Deluxe suites
  • Junior Suite
  • Suites

The Suites are irregular dwelling carved out as per the original structure of the cave, the rooms often allow guests a bit of an extra space that becomes the balcony or lounging area as per the design of the site. Each Suite is well equipped with a hairdryer and other beauty care products, private locker, mini bar, LCD TV, AC, telephone and free Wi-Fi connectivity. Guests can also enjoy the video projectors and DVDs built into the walls for watching movies or playing games.

Sant'Angelo hotel review

The Deluxe Suites are air conditioned double room dwellings that include private bathrooms, body-care products, personal LCD TV with satellite channels, internet access, a small locker and a well-stocked minibar

Sant'Angelo review

Junior Suites include an enormous double bedroom with its own attached bathroom; some dwellings also feature a small sea facing balcony. The rooms are well-furnished in accordance with the contemporary décor, featuring a flat-screen LCD TV, AC, telephone, safety deposit locker and a luxurious minibar.

Sant'Angelo images

Situated in the ancient cave of Matera Sissa, the Sant’Angelo Resort is a one of a kind hotel that offers guests exquisite lodgings and exciting facilities. The resort is very near to the Ionian Sea and the archeological sites of Metaponto and Policoro. Collectors and researchers often visit the place to explore the antique findings and relics of the Greek civilization here.

Sant'Angelo image

Nearby tourist attractions include the WWF Bosco Pantano, Melfi and Venosa castles and Pollino National Park to name a few. Located in Sasso Caveoso, this hotel is a 2-minute walk away from Piazza San Pietro Caveoso, the Church of San Pietro Caveoso, and La Raccolta Delle Acque. The Sassi di Matera and Chiesa di Santa Maria d’Idris are also within 5 minutes drive. Also, the surrounding cafes, eating places, museums and pubs are places where guests can mingle with the locals and soak in the culture of the site.

Sant'Angelo hotel

Baccanti, Casa Noha, and other local attractions are some other places you can check out to understand the heritage and traditions of the place better. The Resort is located near to the airport and train station offering free pick-ups to international guests.

Sant'Angelo Italy

The resort is a paradise for foodies, with lovely eating houses that provide the best ambiance and food at really affordable prices. Experience the local continental flavors at Restaurant Regia Corte, a vegan place situated inside the Sant’Angelo resort famous for its authentic Italian dishes with a modern twist. Using only fresh farm produced organic vegetables and spices, the trained chefs create a blend of textures and flavors you will not find anywhere else. Customers can also treat their taste buds to a wide array of Mediterranean and Italian appetizers, cocktails and other refreshing beverages at the Terrace Lounge.

How to Book:

Listed below are some interesting facts and facilities offered at Sant’Angelo that make your stay all the more memorable.

  • Sant’Angelo also organizes parties, buffets, receptions and entertains other similar requests by guests as well
  • The team of trained multilingual support staff is very friendly and helpful giving you the best advice regarding the tourist attractions and activities nearby. Guests can meet up and share their experiences at the Convention Hall
  • You can rent a bicycle, mountain bikes or a car for visiting nearby locations
  • Also, the area is a non-smoking zone so chuck the cigarette in the bin before you enter
  • The hotel does not encourage any pets
  • The front desk facilities include baggage storage, 24-hour reception, and an on-site ATM service
  • Free station pickups and drop-ins along with Wi-Fi connectivity in both public and private areas.
  • The resort also offers babysitting, in-room childcare and extra cribs allowing young parents to spend some quality time together
  • Flexible check-ins and check-outs along with paid airport shuttle service on special request
  • The parking area is located about 400 meters away from the property set in a restricted area. It only allows cars to unload and load items for a limited time
  • The terrace is open to all guests; you can also arrange for special candlelight dinners and get-togethers in the private lounging areas
  • A business conference room, library and standard gymnasium for guests to enjoy their time indoors.

Sant'Angelo Italy review

Before you make a reservation, it is imperative that you browse through these tips and additional information, and plan well for your stay at this majestic, iconic, and inimitable resort.

Sant'Angelo Matera

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