Capsule Hotel in Kyoto: Sauna & Capsule Hotel Rumor Plaza

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About the Hotel

What is definitely famous about Japan is the progressive approach and ability to effectively use resources on a limited area. An excellent example is Sauna & Capsule Hotel Rumor Plaza in Kyoto. A very unique hotel (male-only) with a lot of traditional Japanese features. It is ranked 28 out of 259 hotels in Kyoto.

Sauna & Capsule Hotel Rumor Plaza

Sauna & Capsule Hotel Rumor Plaza

Immediately after entering this Japan hotel you are greeted by a welcoming staff that speaks fair English. Also, you feel how clean and shining is everything around. Instead of a room you actually book a capsule. Each out of 100 capsules is equipped with air conditioning, a single bed, and a wall-mounted flat screen TV. There is an access to Wi-Fi in public areas as well as in rooms. The capsules are placed in layers of two with entrance doors that can be closed for privacy.

Sauna & Capsule Hotel Rumor Plaza

The overall idea of capsules derives from the necessity to effectively use the little available space.

Sauna & Capsule Hotel Rumor Plaza

Visitors also get a separate locker for their luggage. Bathrooms and toilets are shared with other guests as well as the communal sauna. Among the facilities there is a restaurant, a dry cleaning, a meeting/banquette room, shared lounge room, etc. Private parking is possible at a location nearby without pre-reservation. A lot of positive reviews gathered the cuisine served in the restaurant for dinner. The menu includes mainly traditional Japanese dishes, which people find rather delicious. There is also a vending machine for easily getting a drink whenever needed.

Sauna & Capsule Hotel Rumor Plaza

This capsule hotel is a 2-minute walk away from Gion Shijo Station which makes it rather easy to find. But what makes it to be highly rated by visitors is its close location to various sights. You can enjoy the beauties of Kyoto Aquarium and Kyoto Municipal Zoo, visit Doshisha or Kyoto Universities, walk down the famous Gion street, see the Imperial Palace and Nijo Castle, Kyouto Tower and Togetsu-kyo Bridge, visit Kyoto International Manga museum and Kyoto National museum, wonder through such National Parks as Arashiyama Monkey Park and Maruyama Park. All the above mentioned places along with other sights such as temples, stadiums and markets are within the walking distance. For instance, Kiyomizu-dera Temple is in 20-minutes walk away from the hotel, and the Yasaka Shrine is only within 5-minutes walk. Higashiyama Ward located nearby is an excellent choice for travelers interested in food, culture and temples.

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Useful Advices:

In order to be prepared and informed it is useful to consider the following tips based on the administration’s recommendations and visitors reviews:

  • People have a lot of positive impressions about spa in the hotel;
  • General sound isolation in capsules is on a high level, however you might get some noisy neighbors, so every visitor is given ear-stopples;
  • The location is very comfortable for travelers;
  • Hotel’s staff speaks English, that can be challenging in other hotels in Kyoto;
  • Most reviews relate to the hotel as to a good value for money.
Sauna & Capsule Hotel Rumor Plaza

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