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If you’re nodding along then a weekend at SiloStay is just what you need to bring the spice back to your love life. Innovative and stylish, this urban haven in New Zealand is perfect for couples that want to spend some quality time together. Hooked already? Read on to know more about this fascinating resort and reasons why you should be here this holiday season.

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Imagine waking up inside a refurbished potboiler, nestled cozily with your partner in a metal frame far away from the routine life you were used to. Sounds like a dream right? SiloStay in New Zealand turns this dream into reality. Set along the beautiful Banks Peninsula and perched on the scenic Little River, the resort is a treat for the senses. Placed at the forefront of civilization, the silos are surprisingly tranquil and equipped with the best of technology. Moreover, these pods are eco-friendly and constructed with sustainable and recycled materials.

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Colonies of grain silos are a common sight on the Cantebury plains but these apartments on the Banks Peninsula have completely transformed the idea of self-contained accommodations. The tall, silver corrugated iron structures are visible even from the State Highway 75 that passes right through the Little River Township. SiloStay consists of a series of eight grain silos, each featuring a similar construction and décor comfortable enough for two people.

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Little River has a pretty interesting history. Formed by a volcanic eruption, the territory was first claimed by the Maori tribes followed by the sea-faring tribes and eventually got into the hands of the European colonists. The township is a mix of both local Maori heritage and modern lifestyle. The grain silos found in these areas were traditionally used by the locals to store grains and surrounded by animal dung. Today, these granaries are part of an extensive and elegant motel. Stuart Wright-Stow is the man behind these brilliant silos. A visionary and innovator, Stuart and his wife Angela also own an art gallery on Little River that features some of the most well-known kiwi artworks and souvenirs. The couple, with their revolutionary ideas, could envision something extraordinary in the most mundane of objects. This eventually led to the birth of the circular metal silo rooms that were opened to the public sometime in 2011.

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Of course, the story doesn’t end there. There were many obstacles and problems that Stuart had to deal with along the way. The area “outside the square” in Christchurch was not suitable to support heavy-duty construction work. Stuart and F3 design team together have successfully overcome these issues and are further planning on expanding these silos.

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Who would have thought that something as insignificant as grain silos could be used as a luxury lodging space? Well, SiloStay is a one of a kind accommodation featuring eight tall and circular iron structures, each having a somewhat similar built and design. The brainchild of Stuart Wright and F3, the silos are all connected to an energy unit. The metal structures all feature spiral staircases and are remodeled to incorporate balconies and windows. The insides are even more impressive, each unit is divided into two-three stories measuring 1.8 meters tall. The entire silo is a separate bungalow with its own kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, skylight, and balconies. The roofs feature a glazed lid that allows you a fleeting glimpse of the starry night sky while you are lying on your bed.

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SiloStays are made from recyclable, bio-friendly and sustainable materials only, thereby reducing the pressure on the environment. The innovative and ingenuous architecture lies in stark contrast with the rolling hills and surrounding countryside. Stuart and F3 designs are further planning on constructing silo-shaped structures not only for housing people but also to be used as inner city offices, conference centres and secluded hideaways.

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SiloStay for all its metallic structures looks more like an industrial site than a romantic motel housing couples and families. However, don’t be fooled by the external architecture, the interiors are far more interesting and quirky. The metal structures are divided into two floors; the upper section is the bedroom while the kitchen and living rooms are situated downstairs. Spiral staircases surround the silos giving the place a very ancient feel. The bedrooms include huge king-sized beds, extra cots (on additional charge), wall-mounted flat screen TV/DVD player, and a multi-functional music headboard for playing some music or adjusting the lights of the rooms. The bedrooms provide a haven of intimacy where you can close the outside world off and spend some quality time with your spouse. The roof comes with a hatch that can be lifted to reveal the stunning skyline above.

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Downstairs, the kitchen is well-furnished with the latest equipment and a stocked larder. Everything you possibly need for your stay here is right there at your fingertips! There is a mini fridge, a microwave and a coffee machine as well. The living room is minimalistic featuring huge windows that let in plenty of natural air and sunlight.

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On the roads of Banks Peninsula, there is a vibrant and unique settlement that is worthy of exploring. Little River is a small albeit interesting township where tourists can explore the art galleries, cafes and of course the silo grain accommodations. The sophisticated yet rural architecture of the silos are an amalgamation of colours, textures and shapes that leaves the inhabitants spellbound. Explore the museums, galleries, eateries, local farms and the surrounding countryside on rented bikes. Take a trip to the nearby cities or simply lounge around inside your silos and soak up the fresh country air – there is never a dull moment here at SiloStay.

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SiloStay also caters to art lovers, the place is steeped in Maori history. The art galleries here feature some of the best kiwi art and jewellery. The more outgoing, adventure lovers can partake in the extreme water sports and other adrenaline pumping activities organised in the neighbouring areas of Bank Peninsula. The Little River Rail Trial is the perfect place for taking leisurely strolls and cycling. The Eastern and Southern bays offer a panoramic view of the azure waters great for whale watching, surfing and swimming.

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Located in the heart of the Little River township, the silos are a mere 300m from Christchurch and the rail trail. The Little River art gallery is 20m away while the eastern and southern bay area is 20kms from the silos. SiloStays sits on the highway 75 en route the scenic town of Akaroa. Other than that, there are several stores, cafes, eateries, galleries, taverns, and gardens you can visit in your free time.

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Little River is a township that has no internationally recognised wonders. The place offers something that is far more valuable than a stay in a standardized, decked up, and impersonalized 5-star property. At SiloStay travellers get the opportunity to simply relax and introspect. Abundant with wildlife and culture, the resort is a great place to lose yourself and find yourself again. Listed below are some insider facts and trivia on SiloStay that will make your stay memorable here:

  • The silos can house four people max and feature two storeys – a bedroom on the top floor and a kitchen on the lower section
  • The common central heating system is eco-friendly and pretty effective in keeping the place warm
  • Bicycles are available on rent
  • Pets are not allowed here
  • There are wheelchairs and other facilities available for disabled guests on extra charge
  • The toilets are especially fascinating with their grab rails and quirky faucets
  • While you’re here don’t forget to check out the Little River art gallery owned by Stuart Wright and his wife; it features the best of local kiwi art.
  • Free Wi-Fi, free parking and an electric vehicle charging station
  • The Little River property has gained sudden popularity and rumoured to become a tech-hub for eco innovation centre soon.

Hotels have come a long way from the humble, simple accommodations they were some years back. Today, your resort is an integral part of the vacationing experience. Travellers are looking for an out of the world holiday albeit with a touch of reality. The SiloStay in New Zealand is among the few rare places that manage to provide just that. The private metal haven though surrounded by the rush of the city is utterly isolated and peaceful. Designed especially for couples, the silos are stylish, compact and pretty comfortable for a weekend gateway.

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