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Ever wondered what it would feel like wrapped up in a warm rug sipping hot chocolate in a room completely made of ice? At the Snow Hotel in Kemi Finland, you can experience just that. Set in the picturesque town of Finland, the snow hotel looks like something straight out of Frozen. Read on to know more about the place and reasons why it the Snow Hotel is an ultimate destination on your bucket list.

Snow Hotel

The Lianino Snow Hotel is a magnificent structure constructed in the western section of the Finnish Lapland. Situated in the middle of two ski resorts Ylläs and Levi, and a mere 150-km away from the city of Rovaniemi, the Snow Hotel is isolated yet well connected to civilization.

Snow Hotel Finland

The resort is demolished and rebuilt every year in January and opens to the public sometime in December. The place is also a mere 4-minute walk away from the beach where you get ample of the sun and the sea. The property also includes the famous Snow Castle and Snow Reception which host special events and weddings.

Snow Hotel Finland review

The Snow Castle of Kemi is perhaps the biggest snow fort in the world and was located near the Finland Harbour. It was moved near a community park only recently in 2017. The entire property enhances your vacationing experience and is an ideal honeymoon spot for young couples who would love to spend some quality time together.

Snow Hotel Lapland exterior

Snow Hotel is among the most popular attractions in Finland during winter, especially the Snow Castle that has been around for over 2 decades now. First constructed in 1996 by UNICEF, the Snow Castle is designed using the ice imported from the Gulf of Bothnia, the northernmost area of the Baltic Sea! Covering an area of about 20,000 square meters, the Snow Castle houses a hotel, a restaurant, and a chapel. It first came into being as a gift from UNICEF and ever since has been rebuilt and renovated every year to uphold the tradition.

Snow Hotel number of rooms

The first snow castle was built specially for children who had never experienced snow and attracted over 30,000 visitors; the second snow accommodation was ever more popular and featured an art gallery and a restaurant. However, it was not until 2000 that the Snow Hotel was designed and opened to the public. The hotel was titled the best in two categories at the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2016, namely Bespoke Luxury Experience category and the Luxury Eco/Green Hotel in the Finnish listings. Built entirely of snow and ice, the Snow Hotel of Finland offers an incredible Arctic experience to travelers without compromising on luxuries.

Snow Hotel photos

It takes roughly five weeks to demolish and reconstruct the entire Snow Castle again complete with its galleries, restaurants and lodging spaces. The architects use only the seawater to make the snow rather than use Finland’s snow. The castle occupies an area of over 20,000 square feet and includes a gallery, a reception hall, and hotel to entertain and accommodate the guests. The highest towers are over 20 feet high featuring some of the longest walls, the longest of which are over a thousand meters long. The original design was just a simple castle; however, with time, the castle built over 3 stories.

Snow Hotel inside

Guests can choose rooms with zero and sub-zero temperatures featuring arctic rugs and furnishings to keep you warm and cozy. The glass chapel and hotel also feature ice sculptors and artworks from local artists. Built every year in the month of January, the hotel remains open until April and is a gigantic ice sculptor that is a treat for the senses.

Snow Hotel photo

Imagine living inside a beautiful glass dome made of ice and snow. The Snow Hotel in Kemi is a part of the Lainino Snow Village that offers couples a wide range of fun activities such as husky rides and snowboarding. Inside the Snow Hotel, you can explore a Snow Castle, a snow restaurant, a snow chapel and a snow art gallery. The entrance is peppered with ice sculptures and carvings. Every year the hotel is rebuilt according to a theme; for instance, one year the theme was fantasy and the décor and furnishings were designed as per the fairy tales and fantasy lore of Finland.

Snow Hotel interior design

This year, the hotel is constructed highlighting Finland’s culture and traditions. The Snow Castle also includes two mascots –Terttu and Arttu, who look like snowballs. There are about 18 single and double bedrooms, a honeymoon suite and two dorm rooms that house five people. Everything inside the rooms is made entirely of ice, including the beds and furnishings. The temperature inside is set at a standard -5 degrees C that’s a lot more comfortable than the outside temperature. Guests are given authentic Arctic rugs and moleskins to keep warm.

Snow Hotel fotos

The hotel is so beautiful and magical that most guests prefer staying indoors. There is an art gallery, a chapel and a snow castle where you can learn all about the Finnish traditions and history. Even the rooms are very pretty and well-furnished. Enjoy the local cuisines and flavors at the snow restaurant where everything from the tables to the chairs and even the cutlery is made of ice! The seats are covered in reindeer fur to keep you warm. The snow chapel is a popular attraction for hosting weddings. Rekindle your love and say your wedding vows here again at Kemi.

Snow Hotel foto

The Snow Village at Kemi has loads of interesting Arctic activities and games for couples and solo travelers. You can go out and enjoy the various adventure sports such as snowboarding, skating, skiing, trekking, husky rides and other fun activities.

Snow Hotel Lapland review

Located in the small but picturesque Finland, the Snow Hotel sits on the northern coast of the Gulf of Bothnia. Situated less than a hundred miles away from the Arctic Circle, you can even get a wonderful view of the Northern Lights from up here. The three story high Snow Castle rises up like something straight out of a fairy tale. Inside the snow castle, guests can also enjoy the magical snow sculptures and paintings along with special light and sound shows.

Snow Hotel number

There is an exhibition shop, an art gallery, a gemstone gallery, and a Santa’s Seaside Office that is a hit among children. Couples can also sign up for the official tour package that takes them on a Sampo, a former icebreaker of the Finnish government that is now used for cruising across the Gulf of Bothnia. The place is well connected to the city of Kemi; the Kemi Torino airport is a mere 6.3 miles away. The Kemi Inn Harbour, Laitakari, PerinnelaiwaKatariina, PerämerenJähti, Kemi Art and Historical Museum and the Arctic Comic Centre are other places you can visit.

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The Snow Hotel at Kemi is one of the few places in the world that transports you to a whole new world of fantasy away from the stress of city life. With its magnificent architecture and surreal surroundings, the place is especially popular among young couples. Listed below are some interesting facts and trivia about the snow hotel that would make your stay all the more memorable here:

  • The Snow Hotel is a part of the Snow Village and is spread across an area of 20,000 square meters.
  • The hotel grounds also include a supermarket and a seaside café/bar where you can lounge around and socialize with other inmates.
  • If you are here with your better half, try booking the special honeymoon suite (the most popular room here). There are even other rooms for solo travelers and groups.
  • Children below 12 are charged extra per night.
  • You can ask for only one extra bedding here.
  • The place is a non-smoking zone (although there are designated smoking areas) and also doesn’t entertain pets.
  • The staff here is extremely helpful and well versed in both English and Finnish.
  • The hotel has free parking and also offers airport shuttle services at an additional charge.

This summer forget about the sunny beaches and check out the Snow Hotel for a change. Made completely of ice and snow and situated beside a beach, the hotel is like a modern day igloo with all the high-tech facilities and luxuries of a five-star resort. And with the beautiful Snow Castle and Snow Chapel, the property is the perfect destination for young couples and solo travelers who want some peace and quiet away from the din of the city.

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