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About the Hotel

Tasman district happens to be a tourist haven because of its sublime mountains, sea beaches and lush scenery. There’s no better place to enjoy it than The Boot. The best part of the accommodation is that most people haven’t discovered it yet, so there’s an easy chance that you’ll get to book it if you plan beforehand.

The Boot Bed n Breakfast, Tasman, New Zealand

It is also an extremely quiet location, surrounded by hazelnut trees and separated from all earthly clamor and rush. In spite of being isolated and solitary, it is extremely well connected to the nearest big city, Nelson.

The queer design of the hotel will be the highlight of your journey. It was designed by Steve Richards, who owns the place along with his wife Judy. Steve and Judy started the hotel in 2001, and everybody thought the idea was beyond eccentric. However, 15 years and a host of happy visitors later, the boot is fast catching up on the tourist circuit as an out of the way place with peculiar architecture and wonderful hospitality. The Boot sits on a 6 acre property, and is painted a lovely brick red color. The hotel includes a lovely Juliet balcony, a courtyard with an alfresco dining area, an outdoor fireplace and a barbecue grill, and a curtain of hazel trees which will shelter you from the world.

The Boot Bed n Breakfast, Tasman, New Zealand

The inside is fitted with a cozy living area with a comfortable couch and fireplace, a kitchenette and a mini bar. Upstairs, you have a bedroom with a huge queen size bed looking out on to the balcony, and a custom-fitted bathroom with all the modern amenities. The inside is shaped according to the outside design, with lots of rounded corners and curving ceiling that add a delightful feeling of snugness to the entire place. You can also walk around in their garden and grounds, and appreciate the passion they’ve put into the place.

The Boot Bed n Breakfast, Tasman, New Zealand

The Boot Bed n Breakfast, Tasman, New Zealand

The guest house is customized for two people, and is an ideal romantic getaway. Couples can snuggle up on the agreeable couch before the blazing fireplace, cook for themselves in the kitchenette and outside dining area, and relax and have the entire place to themselves. It’s also a perfect escape from the tyranny of everyday pressures.

Steve and Judy, who’ll be your hosts, are extremely attentive and caring, and this would be evident the minute you step in. There will be cookies for you on the table, the choicest local wines in the mini bar, and delicious baked goodies in the fridge. Tea and coffee are complimentary, and both beverages gain an extra flavor when you’re in their house. The rooms have floor heating, and the fireplace can be operated all the year. It also has internet service, so you won’t be completely disconnected from the world. The tiled bathroom is fitted with a shower or two, complimentary toiletries, shower towels, bathrobes, hair-dryer and everything else you might need. The entire place is sparkling clean, and once you get on the majestic and comfortable bed, you’d want to be nowhere else. The bedroom has dark curtains and blinds if you don’t want to wake up early, and you will realize the significance of this gesture when there’s no blazing New Zealand sun burning your face early in the morning. There’s a stereo but no television, a fact for which you will thankful when you listen to the sound of the buzzing crickets in the silence.

The Boot Bed n Breakfast, Tasman, New Zealand

Also, as an additional thoughtful gesture, there are a number of coffee table books and puzzles around the house for you to spend your time perusing them. The house is extremely arm and picturesque with Nelson artwork, fresh flowers, chocolates etc. All this adds an additional touch of homeliness and comfort, and makes the guests feel extremely welcome.

What’s so attractive about The Boot? Be it hospitality, warmth, or scenic beauty, there are several reasons travelers choose The Boot when they travel to New Zealand. These are:

  • Unique shape of the guest house – Living in a boot has a significant psychological impact, as you’ll find as soon as you step in. There’s a whole air of coziness, snugness and warmth, which makes you feel extremely comfortable and relaxed. Everything, from the tapering ceiling of the living room to the wrought iron protective mesh of the fireplace, has been designed to get you to your most stress free state.
  • The lovely custom features – The Boot is adorable because everything in designed for two—there are two champagne flutes, two coffee cups, a space for two in the shower, two chairs on the dining table. The whole feeling of intimacy and quiescence that The Boot offers makes it an ideal romantic getaway.
  • Proximity to tourist attractions – The Boot has an ideal location—it is built close to the Nelson Bay, the Abel Tasman National Park, and all the forests, mountains and beaches of the South Island. Thus it offers both comfort and privacy, and is the best nerve-centre from which to plan trips to these places.
  • Get Up Close And Personal With Native Eels – Book your rendezvous with the native long finned eel, an endangered species with its natural habitat in the Aporo stream that runs close to the front side of the Jester House. Don’t lose the opportunity to see these eels in their natural habitat, and to feed them by hand.

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Things to remember while booking The Boot:

  • Though the guest house if open all year, it is mainly visited by tourists during the summer months. If you go during winter, you’ll avid the rush and also get to enjoy the fireplace at its best, and also be safe against the buzzing mosquitoes which are sometimes a pain.
  • The Boot is custom-made for two people. You can book it for yourself and enjoy a quiet retreat, but the payment will be for two people. Also, you cannot book the guest house for more than two people.
  • You hosts are extraordinarily gracious, but you should not presume too much on their hospitality. For example, they are extremely cautious of their house and grounds, so don’t do careless things like plucking flowers, throwing shower towels around, spilling wine etc.
  • The guest house has free parking for your vehicle. It is often booked by locals who want a quiet rest away from the bustle of their lives.
  • The Jester House Café is a famous café of New Zealand and located on the premises. It is open all 7 days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Inside is a delectable mélange of goodies, from baked delights, to the local chutneys, to cosmopolitan cuisine for international travelers. They also have an interesting wine collection that features all the local specialties. Don’t forget to try the café out while you’re staying at The Boot.
  • If you order cooked breakfast, you will be the recipient of Steve’s amazing pancakes, which have featured on every traveler’s review list.
  • You can cook for yourself in the kitchenette or the barbecue grill (for the really enterprising), and enjoy your dinner in the late afternoon Tasman sunshine seated in a fragrant garden. Steve and Judy typically supply you with most of the ingredients you will need.

The long list of attractive features makes The Boot the ideal spot to go to if you want some time alone with your loved one. A unique, refreshing and wonderful experience to make a lifetime memory is guaranteed.

The Boot Bed n Breakfast, Tasman, New Zealand

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