The Dolder Grand hotel, Switzerland – Where Tradition Mingles with Innovation

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About the Hotel

The Dolder Grand Hotel in Switzerland manages to achieve that goal with ease. Located in Zurich, this 5-star superior hotel looks like a picturesque countryside castle, steeped in history yet replete with state-of-art facilities. Perched atop the Adlisberg Hill, near the heart of the city, the hotel is strategically placed at the hub of activity, yet isolated enough to give you ample privacy.

The Dolder Grand hotel

Unlike most accommodations, the Dolder Grand, though armed with modern amenities, has a rich history and cultural background. Read on to know more about this fascinating place and reasons why you should visit it this holiday season.

The Dolder Grand Switzerland

The Dolder Grand hotel is a space where the past and the future merge to form a beautiful juxtaposition. Steeped in culture and Swiss history, the hotel retains much of its old-school charm in the architecture. However, that doesn’t mean, the place is lacking in modern facilities. In fact, the resort is marked by luxury suites, a spa, in-house eating house, aqua zones and medical centers for people who want to unwind after a hectic day. The Dolder Grand has a very fairy-tale like aura to it that transports the guests to the world of make-believe. Here, you feel like you belong to the most glorious years of balls and banquets. Yet, there are contemporary elements peppered all over the place that brings you back to the present.

The Dolder Grand Switzerland review

The strategic location of The Dolder Grand hotel further enhances its contradictory nature. It is perched on top the Adilsberg hill, about 200m above the main city. This gives you a panoramic view of Zurich but keeps you far enough so that you enjoy your privacy. You can visit the town if you want without letting the urban squalor interfere with your stay here. Also, the fact that the hotel is well-connected to the roadways and train station makes it a convenient spot for travelers visiting Zurich.

The Dolder Grand Zurich hotel photos

The Dolder Grand hotel was built sometime in 1897-1899 by the architect Jacques Gros, under the supervision of the restaurateur Heinrich Hürlimann. He also owned the Dolder Waldhaus Hotel nearby, also designed by Gros. The Dolderbahn was initially used as an auxiliary building to the hotel; later it developed as a full-fledged resort. The Dolder Grand opened its gates to the public on 10th May 1899.The property was renovated, its boundaries expanded in 1924 and 1964. It has symbolized the sense of hospitality in the region for over 100 years now, complete with a spacious spa, grand suites, and unique art collections.

The Dolder Grand Zurich review

Originally the Dolder Grand was built as a getaway to the world ofrelaxation and recreation for the elite. It opened with 220 rooms, reading and billiards rooms, a café, covered veranda, terraces, a telegram, and telephone. Up until 1924, the hotel was open only for a specific season, afterward, it was accessible to people throughout the year. This was also the year when the hotel was extensively renovated where the Main Building is extended, and the entrance (earlier in the front) is shifted to the rear. The frontend space now houses a semi-circular restaurant called Rotonde. In 2004 the hotel was closed down for another round of extensive renovations and opened four years later in 2008. In this project, all the extensions were demolished, and two new wings were added.

The Dolder Grand hotel photos

The Dolder Grand hotel has been around for over a century now, serving guests and giving them a space to forget their troubles and unwind. Over the years, the hotel has undergone some drastic changes and renovations that have given the place a total makeover. For instance, the hotel started off with 220 beds, now it has 173 rooms and suites all well furnished and comfortable. The resort has witnessed the dreary years of World Wars, its aftermath, the desolation of the Cold Wars and other events, providing people with a beacon of light amidst all the darkness. Back in the 1920-50s families would visit the hotel to escape their hardships. Later eminent personalities like Winston Churchill and Thomas Mann were also amongst the hotel’s guests.

The Dolder Grand photos

During the period between 1970-2000s, the hotel witnessed unparalleled success where celebrities like Henry Kissinger, Richard Widmark, John Wayne, Heinz Rühmann, Curd Jürgens, Sophia Loren, Roger Moore, Prince Charles, and Artur Rubinstein paid the Grand Hotel a visit. In 2001, the hotel was reverted to its original design, which was again changed in 2004. The 2004 redesign expanded the hotel premises to 40,000sqm. Two new wings and additional floors were added to the architecture giving the Dolder Grand an elegant, chic look.

The Dolder Grand hotel photo

The Dolder Grand hotel looks like a fairy-tale castle from the outside. What started out as a humble rest house with Curhaus or health spas during the 19th century was soon developed to a first-class resort for the elite. However, the Grand Hotel stays true to its roots, the 4000sqm spa designed by Lord Norman Foster honors its age-old tradition of offering relaxation and medical support. There are about 18 treatment rooms, an aqua zone and a wellness center that focuses on the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of its guests. The 173 rooms are scattered throughout the property, each decorated on a unique theme. The acclaimed restaurant headed by the world-renowned chef Heiko Nieder serves the best of local and international flavors. The extensive art collection lures the art lovers around the world, featuring the works of Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, and Henry Moore.

The Dolder Grand photo

The interiors complement the external architecture, it’s equally elegant and elite in appearance and accessibility. Set on a quiet hill, the hotel gives you magnificent views of the city, the Alps and the Lake. The rooms are furnished with king-sized beddings, internet connectivity, TV, mini fridge, and a spacious well-equipped bathroom.

The Dolder Grand fotos

Switzerland is a country known for its travel-friendly environment. The cities are safe and scenic, the people friendly and the natural landscape a feast for the senses. Zurich, a small vibrant town is a home to the Dolder Grand hotel, a beautiful resort set in the stunning backdrop of the Adilsberg Hill. This oasis of serenity looks down upon the bustling township, giving you the opportunity to observe and explore the local life at leisure. There are various events and performances organized by the hotel that you can participate in. The ballrooms can be hired for New Year’s parties, the conference halls for corporate conferences and the open terrace for other private parties.

The Dolder Grand foto

The 40,000 sq ft spa features18 treatment rooms, separate massage rooms for men and women, and 2 private suites where you can pamper your senses to a variety of beauty and skin care treatments. Dolder Grand hotel aims at uplifting their guests both physically and spiritually.

The Dolder Grand inside

The hotel is connected to the central Zurich road, and the Dolderbahn rack railway; the upper terminus is located very close to the building. Other important landmarks include Zoo Zurich, the Opera House, the Swiss National Museum, Paradeplatz, Bahnhofstrasse and the Grossmünster- all but a few minutes away from the hotel. Free on-site parking and shuttle services are available for guests who want to go around for sightseeing.

The Dolder Grand exterior

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The Dolder Grand hotel is among those rare spaces that accommodate both tradition and technology. With its classical architecture and advanced state-of-art services, the hotel strikes the perfect balance between the two worlds, giving guests a complete, comprehensive experience. Here are some interesting facts about the hotel you must be familiar with before you make a reservation

  • The Saltz Resturant was awarded 14 Gault Millau points the chef, two Michelin stars for his expertise in international cuisine.
  • Free meals, internet connectivity, parking space, shuttle services, and the limo is available on request (at an additional cost)
  • The spa massage and Solarium are payable services
  • The mini gold equipment, the Golf course, and Tennis courts are accessible at extra charges
  • Meeting halls and banquet venues are available for hire
  • Pets are allowed
  • Children are welcome, extra beds available on request.

The Dolder Grand image

Travelers today face the problem of plenty- there are so many hotels popping up everywhere it’s difficult to narrow down on one. The next time you plan a trip to Zurich, you know where to go! The Dolder Grand hotel is a lodging space that caters to couples, families and solo travelers alike. It strikes the perfect balance between culture and contemporary luxuries, giving you the authentic Swizz experience without being too overwhelming for foreign travelers.

The Dolder Grand exterior

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