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About the Hotel

Spending a few weeks at the iconic locations of USA might just be the perfect vacationing experience for the history buff. This holiday season enjoys your days in the bustling town of Boston, surrounded by tall skyscrapers and all the possible luxuries at The Liberty Hotel. The place bears a striking resemblance to the fictional hotel Tipton, where the twins Zack and Cody have their suite life. However, the Liberty hotel has a history. The accommodation is a luxury collection hotel that was formerly a jail. Ironic how the hotel now called Liberty was originally a place to trap criminals!

The Liberty Hotel

Read on to know all about the iconic Liberty Luxury Collection hotel and reasons why it is a wonderful holiday destination for you and your family.

The Liberty Hotel USA

Considered to be a premier luxury destination and a historical landmark in the city of Boston, USA, The Liberty Hotel combines the best of iconic architectural designs and state-of-art facilities. The place also holds a reputation for being one of the most haunted accommodations in Boston thanks to its interesting history. Formerly called Charles Street Jail, it was later renovated into a luxury hotel. The building has managed to retain much of its historic architecture including the famous rotunda. Located at Beacon Hill, the Liberty Hotel has come a long way from the historic landmark built in 1851.

The Liberty Hotel USA review

Once an imposing and intimidating structure that housed criminals, the building was later rebuilt and refurbished into a hub of luxury smack in the middle of Boston. Residing on Beacon Hill, the hotel is well connected to the Boston train Transit, the airport and other areas such as the Charles Street, Government Center, Faneuil Hall, the Aquarium, the TD Bank Garden, and the historic North End. The place successfully retains much of its former glory without compromising on the modern-day features and facilities of a five-star resort.

The Liberty Hotel Boston exterior

It all started back in the year 1851 when Gridley James Fox Bryant, an accomplished architect of the times collaborated with Rev. Louis Dwight renowned paleontologist who was known for his prison reformation ideologies to build a reform house for housing the criminals of the day. The Charles Street Jail or the Suflock County Jail, as it was known back then, was registered as a heritage site in the national and state registrar of historic places. The building is a fine example merging the best of the 19th-century architecture with the Bostonian granite style that’s both modern and elegant. It was sometime in 1973 when the inmates of the jail began protesting against the poor living conditions and lack of hygiene in the place.

The Liberty Hotel Boston review

After serving as a reformation house for over 120 years, the building was finally closed down on grounds of violation of the human and constitutional rights of the prisoners living there. The last of the lot were moved out during the final week of Memorial Day of 1990. The Massachusetts General Hospital then got hold of the abandoned property and proposed to use it. In 2001 Carpenter & Company along with MGH acquired the land. Employing a team of professionals and spending about $150 million on the renovation has resulted in the elegant and magnificent Liberty Hotel that we see today.

The Liberty Hotel photos

The Liberty Hotel is a tall, elegant building that has been reconstructed and redesigned from an isolated jail. The accommodation is well-known to be an iconic attraction in the USA, thanks to its imposing architecture and design. Much of the 19th century Bostonian Granite Style has been retained in the Liberty Hotel. James Bryant, the architect of the jail back in 1851 had incorporated some unique and innovate elements to the structure of the building such as the dramatic cupola that was designed to bring light and air into the rotunda. However, in 1949, the rotunda was removed but again painstakingly rebuilt based on the original design much later.

The Liberty Hotel number

A team of architects worked with skilled historians and experts to replicate the creative vision of Bryant’s original design. The cruciform shape of the building has many elements of Renaissance and Romanesque architecture in it. The structure features an octagonal center surrounded by four wooden ocular windows on four of its wings respectively. The large three-storeyed hotel with their wedge-shaped, stone “voussoirs” is characteristics of French design.

The Liberty Hotel photo

The huge granite building is as intimidating from the inside as it is on the outside. The interior décor has also managed to keep much of its former glory and architectural elements thanks to the consideration taken by the historians during the restoration project. Spacious, light and airy, the inside of the hotel is luxuriously decorated with the most ornate and elegant of furnishings. The building has a central atrium featuring both contemporary and traditional furnishings such as big magnificent chandeliers, glass sculptures, and giant staircases. Other than that the hotel also has preserved the historic catwalks, and trademark wrought-iron windows in the former cells now used as suites.

The Liberty Hotel review

The hotel’s lobby is stylish and built according to the modern standards, however; the ebony reception desk featuring stenciled patterns do take you back to the 1850s. The plush velvet carpets are reminiscent of the New England and American colonial prints. There are about 298 rooms and suites decorated in warm hues of maroon, green and purple offer a panoramic view of the city’s skyline and Charles River flowing beneath. The 6000 square feet property also includes five distinctive restaurants, bars, and conference rooms.

The Liberty Hotel fotos

The Liberty Hotel has a wide variety of activities lined up for their guests all throughout the weekend. The guests will be informed and invited to these events on their arrival itself. The Liberty Affairs is a social event arranged by the hotel that features Major Mondays live musical concerts, Gallery Night on Tuesdays featuring local talent, Whole Note Wednesdays with Live Music, Fashionably Late on Thursdays with local shopping boutiques, Summer Stretch Yoga in The Yard for the fitness enthusiast, Yappier Hour for our four-legged friends and Beat Weekends.

The Liberty Hotel foto

Other than that the hotel also has conference rooms, wedding reception halls and meeting places where you can host social gatherings and events freely. There are also five restaurants lined up inside the hotel premises that offer some of the best local and international cuisines you can check out.

The Liberty Hotel number of rooms

The Liberty Luxury Collection Hotel surrounded by shopping malls, restaurants, and museums, is a delight for the urban traveller. A unique blend of history, high-style facilities, and a homely environment, the Liberty hotel can be best described as the quintessentially Boston experience.

The Liberty Hotel interior

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How to Book:

Here are some useful pieces of information to help you plan your stay at The Liberty Hotel.

  • Built from an old 1851 jail, The Liberty Hotel is among the best iconic structures in Boston that hold the reputation of being haunted.
  • On entering the hotel premises, you will be welcomed with a glass of champagne at the check-in counter.
  • The check-in time is usually 3 pm while the check-out time of the hotel is sometime around noon.
  • You will have to produce an authentic government-issued photo ID card when checking in at the hotel, also the minimum check-in age is 21 years.
  • When you’re there you can also be a part of the Liberty Affairs, a social and recreational even hosting many cultural programs and festivities.
  • The complimentary programs are held all throughout the week.
  • While at the Liberty do try out the trademark scream cocktails aptly named Clink, Alibi!
  • The hotel is a non-smoking zone and also doesn’t entertain pets.
  • Open terrace, in-house pool, WLAN internet connectivity, and a minibar are other luxuries you can enjoy here.
  • Childcare and babysitting, valet parking, and 24-hour front desk service are some of the facilities you can enjoy here.

With its rich historical background, beautiful interiors, imposing architecture and state-of-art facilities, the accommodation is best suited for families, couples and solo travellers who want an informative yet entertaining vacation. The stay is not for the faint-hearted. The grim walls, tall floor-to-ceiling windows, and intimidating cells have a very haunted and gothic touch about them. Sophisticated yet charming, the Liberty Hotel is a great option for people who are looking for a frighteningly good stay!

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