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It’s now a hotel permanently positioned in Long Beach. What makes this hotel an attractive accommodation option is the fact that it was once a luxury ocean liner and boasts of a rich history that adds to the appeal of this opulent hotel. Staying in The Queen Mary is sure to take you back in time without the need of a time machine. All you have to do is book your stay with the hotel and experience the perfect mix of timeless luxury with a modern twist. If this is not enough, enlisted are some more reasons that will shed some light on the beauty of this hotel.

The Queen Mary hotel

The Queen Mary may be a hotel on Long Beach in California but its roots go way back to the 1930s when it was the epitome of luxurious transatlantic travel. She undertook one thousand and one tireless journeys giving her passengers one of the best experiences that exuded luxury and opulence, before retiring for good on Long Island Beach, where her next career began.

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The Queen Mary boasts of intricate artworks inspired by those that date back to the 1930s in their most authentic state. As you walk into this hotel, you will find yourself being tugged back into another era whilst still experiencing modernity. It’s an experience like no other. Today, The Queen Mary is a hotel that not only offers a relaxed staycation but also gives you the opportunity to explore myriads of events and tours for all age groups and interests.

The Queen Mary USA review

This transatlantic ocean liner turned hotel, which has welcomed notable celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Bing Crosby among others has a rich history. She first set sail on the 26th of September, 1934. The Queen Mary, commissioned by Cunard Line is the largest ship in the world with a length of 1019.5 feet. She has often been compared to the Titanic because of their humongous size and stature.

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Traditionally, all the ships launched by Cunard Line have the suffix, ‘ia’ to their creations like Mauretania, Aquitania andBerengaria. The Queen Mary was initially going to follow suit and was to be named Queen Victoria. However, it was then named The Queen Mary after King George’s wife. Traveling aboard The Queen Mary was a mark of class and status for the rich and famous of that era who considered this ocean liner as the only option to travel from one continent to another. Today this palatial ocean liner has been restored in a way that the bygone era would resonate with you as you walk into is plush wood-paneled interiors.

The Queen Mary Los Angeles review

The Queen Mary was all about opulence. As you walk into this hotel, you will be instantly taken back in time as you revel in the magnificent artworks hanging along interiors that are heavily inspired by the grandeur and opulence of the British era in the 1930s. The interiors in this hotel stay true to the original look and feel of the ocean liner. The Art deco movement that took the 1920s and 1930s by storm was the underlying inspiration for the interiors on this hotel. Therefore, expect to see geometric patterns, lines,and curves that represent strength and elegance. The Queen Mary Hotel marries the old-world charm with modernism and that works wonders in keeping guests excited and entertained throughout their stay.

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The wood paneling used throughout the hotel is a work of art in itself. The intricacies and the sheer amount of thought that has gone into making this masterpiece come to life is worth talking about. When it was originally built back in the 1930s, there were more than 50 varieties of wood that were used throughout the ginormous structure of this ocean liner. Therefore, her nickname, ‘Ship of Woods’ would come as no surprise. The Ballroom and salons in this ocean liner were adorned from head to toe with marquetry and carvings that were extremely well detailed. This was then combined with the use of other materials like glass, marble, linoleum and the likes, which gave The Queen Mary its rustic feel with a modern outlook. Of the 56 veneers that were used throughout this ship, 6 of these are not available today.

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Many of the pieces that once adorned the walls of this transatlantic ocean liner back in the 1930s still embellish the walls today giving art history enthusiasts some much-needed food for their souls. Amongst these, you can expect to find murals created by Doris Zinkeisen. His work revolved around mythology and all things nature. If you want to get a sense of what art deco style truly is, you must plan your trip to this magnificent hotel soon.

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Right from its first journey in 1934, The Queen Mary has set a benchmark for luxury transatlantic travel the world over. To this day, even after being turned into a hotel, the high standards that had been set back in the day still remain to be matched. Customer service is at the epitome of all activities that take place aboard The Queen Mary.

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With activities galore, there will never be a dull moment. Every day, at about 11 a.m., the officers on this now permanently stationed ocean liner gather on the Bridge hosting a meet and greet with the guests aboard. You get the opportunity to interact and familiarize yourself with the people who run the ship, namely the Staff Captain or the Commodore. They also explain the different activities and duties that they are involved in and how it could enhance your stay at the Hotel.This is then followed by a Champagne toast given by the Captain. Located on the A-Deck in the Starboard Lounge, it is the perfect opportunity to mingle with other guests and strike a great bond.

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The Queen Mary is not just a hotel, it is a complete experience. Not only do you get to experience timeless grandeur in your hotel room, you also have numerous exciting activities to keep you on your toes. Whether you love to lose yourself in new findings of historic significance or simply love a good adrenaline rush from a paranormal experience, The Queen Mary has it all at your disposal.

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The Queen Mary brought with it a sense of magnificence and luxury unlike no other. Today, Long Beach in California gets the opportunity to take its visitors back in time thanks to the truly opulent ocean liner. In order to give its guests and visitors a well-rounded experience, The Queen Mary Island is being developed around the steamship. This island would be spread across 65 acres of land giving it the best of Britain and Southern California. This waterfront land would bring together people with myriads of interests and tie them together. Whether you love attending music concerts or love spending some quiet time with your loved ones over dinner, there is something for everyone.

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The hotel boasts of 347 staterooms and suites, all unique from each other with art deco that enliven the art enthusiast within you. The authenticity of the 1930s is evidently visible in the hotel with original artwork dating back to that era hanging gingerly on the polished wood paneling. Below are some fascinating things about the hotel to pique your interest.

  • If you are a history buff, prepare yourself to be mind-blown by interesting facts about The Queen Mary and all of its transatlantic journeys available as a tour during your stay.
  • The quaint shops and boutiques in the hotel are perfect if you enjoy shopping with a spot of tea or a refreshing drink to rejuvenate yourself after.
  • For the horror lovers, the hotel hosts activities where you get the opportunity to dine with ghosts and even go on a paranormal expedition looking for spirits in areas of the ship that aren’t open to the public.
  • If you are traveling with kids, then the interactive tours of the ship’s boiler rooms, exploring the history and the role of this ocean liner during World War II would be an exceptional educational experience.
  • Get your fitness mode on in the 24/7 gym facilities at your disposal. Whether you prefer cardio or weight training, the gym is equipped with the latest machines and free weights.
  • Unwind in The Queen Mary Spa with treatments like Swedish massage, manicures, facials and reflexology foot care.

The Queen Mary offers you an experience like no other. Traveling back in time into the lap of opulence and luxury has never been easier. With exciting activities and scrumptious food to match, your stay in this luxury art décor ocean liner turned hotel with its rich history is sure to be one of your greatest travel stories.

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