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About the Hotel

The Treehouse Hideaway Resort located near Umaria-Badhavgarh Road, Village Tala, Bandhavgarh, Near Bandhavgarh Meadows in Madhya Pradesh is a luxury hotel which has a close bond with nature. The resort is located inside the Bandhvargh tiger reserve and tigers are a common sight in the area. The resort offers suites as treehouses and customers can enjoy the wilderness with all the excitement as in a Tarzan movie. The resort takes you back to that place where the customers can enjoy and explore the forests without fear or any danger. The customers are given an idea of what it is like to camp in the jungle and the freedom that comes with it. The resort provides the customers with various tours and safaris to explore the jungle. The Bandhvargh jungle is home to a variety of wild animals which makes it a great place to enjoy and study.

Treehouse Hideaway Resort

The resort provides the customers with stay in actual tree houses which are filled with all those modern utilities and technologies that global tourists are used to.

The resort is located less than 200 kilometres from the Jabalpur Airport, as well as the railway station of the city. Tala Bus Stand is 2 km away. The place is also famous for its Indian cuisine which attracts foreigners towards the region. These factors make the resort one of the busiest and fun filled tourist spots in the whole of India. People from all over the world as well as from all over India visit these regions regularly.

Treehouse Hideaway Resort

The place provides a mystic effect on the customers and lets them be more interactive with nature. It is a perfect place for those who are planning on a romantic getaway. It gives you that privacy and secrecy that you long for in your day to day lives.

The Treehouse Hideaway is a luxury resort located just 3 kilometres shy of the Bandhvargh tiger reserve. It is run exceptionally well and the customers are provided with the best care possible by the staff. The resort can provide you the warmth of a star filled night in the jungle. The customers are really well received by the hosts of the resort, who are also happy to assist them with all their problems. The customers also need not worry about the language barrier as the employees are well educated in all the main languages, so communication won’t be a problem.

The resort provides many tours through the jungle, which gives the customers a great experience and a lot of memories.

Treehouse Hideaway Resort

The safaris arranged by the resort are world famous. The tigers in the area are the main attraction. People from all over world come to the reserve to witness the might of the Great Bengal Tiger.

The tigers live in the reserve enjoying full freedom to roam around the jungle. As the tiger population is decreasing day by day, steps are taken by the government to increase the population by providing a suitable habitat for the tigers to grow.

Treehouse Hideaway Resort

Apart from tigers the reserve is home to a variety of flora and fauna, all of those attracts the tourists.

The area was recognised as a national park in 1968 and it is currently on of the hottest spots for photography and also tracking wild tigers. The park has the world’s highest density of Bengal tigers. The total area of the reserve is nearly 1200 square kilometre and provides home for nearly 55 tigers. Apart from tiger the reserve shelters leopard, jackals, deers, sambars, boars etc.The resort provides so many activities to spend the time in an adventurous manner, that at the end of your stay, you might just find that you got tricked into an adventure vacation instead of an escapade into leisure!

The tree house provides the customers all those modern facilities that can be seen and experienced in globally acclaimed resorts. Even though this nature hotel is in the middle of a jungle, it provides access to the rest of the world through various means like internet, telephones, TV etc. The customers can rent cars and explore further parts of the nearby area according to their wish. The resort also provides the customers with tour guides who can help them to make use of their time there much more efficiently.

Treehouse Hideaway Resort

Treehouse Hideaway Resort

The tree-houses, of course, at the centre of attraction at the resort, and will never fail to impress you because of their crafty appearance and comfort quotient.

Treehouse Hideaway Resort

The awesome Dining hall is built around an old Mahua tree, which is nearly a century old. The base level is a spacious dining hall and the upper floor doubles as bar and lounge known by the name of The Watering Hole.

Dining hall brings together delicious fare from Continental, Indian, and Barbeque cuisine, customized as per guest preferences. The food provided at the resort is superb and the customers won’t be able to find anything better anywhere near. The resort employs world class chefs who are specialised in all those various cuisines to give the guest a choice for his preferred meal.

The morning safari offered by the resort is from 6 AM to 10 AM and the evening safari is from 3 PM to 6 PM. The customers are only allowed to enter the park after sunrise and they are made to exit the park just before sunset. So the timing of the safaris varies according to seasons. The resort also provides cycling safaris apart from the regular 4 x 4 truck safaris. The resort also includes village visits, craft workshops, etc. in its list of programs. There is also no limit on photography. Those tourists who are fond of photography can take as many photos as they want. The weather here remains pleasant throughout the year, thought the trademark cold nights of winters at these tree-houses are something unforgettable.

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This luxury treehouse hotel gives you that undefined freedom to wander into the forest at its natural best. It gives the customers a way of escape from their regular ordinary lives. The summer schedule of the resort is provided below:

  • 5 am to 6 am: Wake-up call is made. Tea/coffee is provided at the treehouse, the morning activity starts.
  • 9 am to 10 am: A basket of fruits as well as breakfast is provided at the Treehouse when the tourists return from their activities.
  • 1 pm to 2 pm: A light lunch is provided at the warm sun outside.
  • 3 pm to 3:30 pm: Evening tea is provided along with some snacks and the evening activities starts.
  • 8 pm to 9 pm: Drinks are provided at the watering hole along with some snacks when the tourists return from their activities.
  • 9 pm to 10 pm: Dinner is provided at the dining hall along with desserts and many other services.

The winter schedule is provided below:

  • 6 am to 7:30 am: Wake up and smell the coffee with the early morning call, that’s if you want it. Savour Coffee/Tea with cookies.
  • 10:30 am to 12:30 pm: Refresh yourself after your morning session out in the elements with a brunch session.
  • 2:30 pm to 3 pm: Do whatever you want – read, laze, romance, stare at the natural beauty – in your tree-house or at the resort, before tea is served at 2:30..
  • 6 pm to 6:30 pm: Gulp down a couple of drinks at the bar. If you’re in at the right time of the season, you’ll get to enjoy sundowners in the bush..

These are all the various advantages of having a trip planned at The Treehouse Hideaway. It is currently one of the hottest tourist spots in India and has made up the list of many top luxurious hotels in some of the top magazines and polls. The resort showcases all the raw natural beauty of India and incorporates it into a resort where tourists can enjoy some of their precious days as characters of their own imagination. This is one rollicking place to visit, for sure.

Treehouse Hideaway Resort

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