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Life is too short to settle for the ordinary, your time is too precious to waste away in the mundane. Hotels today are so much exciting than they were a decade ago. Elegant architecture, quirky ambiance and state-of-art facilities are but the foundations of a good hotel. The modern-day backpacker does not only need a roof over his head, but alsohe wants an sense of adventure and extraordinary. Unique and sometimes downright bizarre accommodations are popping up everywhere around the planet for you to explore and experience.

V8 Hotel

One such innovatively-themed hotel is the V8 Hotel in Stuttgart, Germany. Extensively restored, this four-star resort is heavily inspired by automobiles- especially cars. As children, we have all wished for a huge posh vehicle to drive us away to our favorite destination. Automobile enthusiasts, history buffs, andtravelers would love to spend a few nights here, a world so different from the reality yet so steeped in modernity.

V8 Hotel Germany

Imagine waking up in your car, after a night out of partying with your friends. That’s nothing unusual, right? Well, what if we tweak that thought a bit- you wake up in a car alright, only it is not an old worn-down car but a luxurious car-shaped bed with plush mattresses and shiny covers. Also, the rooms are covered in bling, with vibrant wallpaper, rock-culture décor pieces, and several pop culture references. No, you’re not dreaming. There’s a place in Germany, where you can have the ride of a lifetime within the confines of your suite. The V8 Hotelin Stuttgart, Germany is a real place with real motor-themed rooms and other extravagant facilities that we’ll talk about later.

V8 Hotel Germany review

V8 Hotel is the best of both worlds, a place where the past meets the present to create the perfect fusion of cultures. This modern four-star lodging space located within the small but busy town of Böblingen was developed from an old and abandoned airport building. Guests can escape the urban squalor without being completely isolated existence cut off from civilization. The property doesn’t just contain the hotel, but also an in-house restaurant, a boutique shop, and event halls. It is an all-in-one package that caters to the interests of solo travelers, families and couples alike.

V8 Hotel Stuttgart

What do you get when you give a dilapidated airport building to a team of architects who love motorcars? A fantastic car-themed hotel of course! The restoration project was undertaken at a complex on the old Zeppelin 1915 airfield near Böblingen. You’ll be surprised to know that this isn’t the first V8 Hotel that was launched by the company though. In fact, the V8 Motorworld Region Stuttgart was opened only recently in 2018, the V8 Classic has been around for a while. The former version is a collection of world-class suites and rooms for international businessmen and elite travelers. On the other hand, the V8 Motor Hotel is a renovated 1928 Bauhaus-style airport building that invites a more diverse crowd of people.

V8 Hotel Stuttgart review

The owners of V8 collaborated with big-shot brands like Porsche Museum and Mercedes Benz, along with other automobile engineers, car collectors, restoration specialists to create a space that was true to its times yet paying homage to the lost years. The suites on the top control tower of the building, feature refurbished antique models of some expensive vintage motor models.

V8 Hotel photos

Who knew that an old, shabby and isolated airport building could look so sophisticated! Well, the V8 Hotel sure gives the place a complete makeover; the imposing glass building standing tall under the sun is proof enough of that. At a glance, the hotel looks like a showroom or a museum, and in a way, it is. The floor-to-ceiling glass walls give you a clear view of the beauties inside, you can watch the cars being washed, repaired and refurbished from a distance. The V8 architecture stays true to its roots i.e. the Classic V8 Hotel. The previous hotel is equally stunning, with its glass towers and bold designs. V8 stands out from its surroundings; the entire setup looks like something straight out of the classic 80s.

V8 Hotel photos

The conference halls are located on the first floor while the suites are set on the upper control tower rooms. It is a comprehensive experience for guests who love having everything under one roof- there’s a gymnasium, a spa, a restaurant, a series of conference halls and of course world-class suites. V8 Hotel has 153 rooms, including 16 new-themed bedrooms and 7 spacious apartments. The conference halls can accommodate about 90 people, though these are smaller rooms nearby for private gatherings.

V8 Hotel photo

One look at the external architecture and you can gauge the sheer extravagance and opulence of the place. The glass see-through structure shines under the sun on a clear day, standing out among the adjacent buildings. However, the interiors are even better. For once, you are inside V8 Hotel, there is no turning back. You are sucked into this world of vintage cars, fashion and flamboyance. Entering through the glass doors, you will be redirected to the tastefully decorated lobby area. The lower floors have the conference rooms and event halls that can accommodate 90 people. The private suites are on the topmost floors of the building, giving you a panoramic view of the city skyline.

V8 Hotel photo

There are 16 themed suites, each drastically different from another. The V6 Design Rooms, for instance, are modern and minimalistic with their giant four-poster car bed and posters. There are suites inspired by diners, cinema drive-ins, workshops and even car wash areas. Plus, most of the rooms feature authentic car parts from Morris Minors to Mercedes that would set any motor enthusiast’s heart racing.

V8 Hotel fotos

Brace yourselves for you are in for a ride of a lifetime. Here at the V8Hotel, there are tons of things for you to do even if you aren’t interested in motorcars. Sure, the hotel aims at motor lovers, everything from the rooms to the décor carers to their interest. However, there are other things that you can do here instead of just looking at vintage models (although that doesn’t really seem like a bad idea!). For starters, there’s this elite restaurant on the lower floors that serves delicious local and international meals. The gymnasium adjacent to your suite would help you burn off all the fat, while the sauna relaxes those muscles sore from the workout.

V8 Hotel foto

You can explore the nearby tourist attractions as well. Stuttgart’s Meilenwerk is nestled between green valleys and vineyards. It is the birthplace of Mercedes-Benz and the Porsche and is often considered a German international hub for car dealers. The Mercedes-Benz and Porsche museum and OutletcityMetzingen is a 30-minute drive away. Other attractions include Patch Barracks, Panzer Kaserne, the State Theatre, Wilhelma Zoo and the CanstatterWasen to name a few. Note, the gift shops on-site are cheaper than the ones you’d get in the city.

V8 Hotel interior

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Hotel V8 is among those rare spaces that draw the delicate balance between chic and comfortable. The exteriors and interiors complement each other perfectly, so much so that the building looks less of a lodging space and more of a showroom of sorts. Set against the backdrop of the Stuttgart skyline, the hotel looks picture-perfect. Here are a few important tips that every visitor must know about the hotel, it will only make your stay all the more memorable here:

  • Pets allowed on request, additional charges may apply
  • Free Wi-Fi connectivity and free public parking without any prior reservations
  • Non-smoking, soundproof suites for complete privacy
  • The coffee here is excellent, the in-house eating house specializes in cocktails and local cuisines
  • Playground, open terrace and event halls can be rented for parties and get-togethers
  • You have to pay extra to use the sauna and spa
  • Kids aged below 6 years are welcome, extra bedding also available at additional prices
  • The hotel has ramps and planes for disabled guests, you can request for a room on the lower floors
  • Gift shops and stalls on-site offer cheap souvenirs at bargain prices.

Living in a car might seem like a childhood dream, but thanks to the V8 Hotel you can experience this whimsical wish come true. Within the four walls of your suite, you step into a world of bling and retro trends. Strategic location, brilliant architecture, quirky designs, scrumptious meals make the V8 Hotel a wonderful vacationing experience. So, this holiday season, chuck the sandy beaches and mountainside cottages for a night in the car- we promise you will love every second of it.

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