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The holiday season is around the corner and we cannot be more excited! It is that time of the year again when we can finally break free from our routine existence and venture out for an adventure. The sandy beaches, the rolling hills, the cast expanse of forests…it is blissful to bask in the lap of nature and forget all your worries for a while. The tourism industry has undergone a drastic makeover, what with new and innovative resorts popping up in the most remote, exotic corners of the planet.

Vipp Shelter hotel

Experience the most surreal, magical and brilliant stay at the Vipp Shelter hotel. Designed by a Danish company, the place is like a modern day magic carpet, a micro hotel that can be best described as a plug-and-play lodging. Fascinated already? Read on to know more about this innovative hotel and reasons why you should be here this year:

Vipp Shelter Sweden

Vipp is not your ordinary hotel, you’re not going to be stuck in one building, holed up in a room with the same view, eating the same food, talking to the same people. No, Vipp strives to break free from the monotony of life and offer an exciting experience to guests. Nestled in the forests of Sweden, the lodging is an ingenious prefabricated box home, meticulously designed down to its last inch. A modern-day minimalistic and functional living space, these capsule rooms are spread out at various locations. The 55sq meter metal and glass structure is in contrast with the forest, however, it also seamlessly blends with the surrounding landscape as a retreat station, a rest house for weary travelers.

Vipp Shelter Sweden review

Each of its rooms is tastefully furnished and powered up by batteries installed at the back of the hotel. A sleek and sophisticated prefab home, Vipp Shelter takes only three to five days to assemble on site. The self-contained residence includes only the bare necessities, it is a tranquil romantic gateway marketed as an upscale Vipp product. Away from the din and chaos of urban life, here, you can truly enjoy the bliss of solitude and experience the peace nature brings.

Vipp Shelter exterior

Vipp is a Danish company working with steel since 1939 is known for its designer garbage cans and iconic peddle bins. It recently ventured into the tourism sector with its innovative and unique shelter hotel Vipp in 2015. Vipp is a self-service concept; it is not your conventional luxury five-star resort. Every bit of its dark-toned interiors are but chosen to highlight its USP – nature. For starters, it is set in the middle of nowhere. And secondly, you won’t find any of the generic elements of a lodging here. There’s no lobby, no reception, no help-desk, no housekeeping or even a gym. The state-of-art suites are furnished to serve the basic needs. Designed by Morten Bo Jensen, the pod is wrapped in Vipp DNA from head to toe.

Vipp Shelter Immeln review

Vipp is a micro mobile home, i.e. you can assemble it anywhere you want. The spacious, customisable pod is delivered in two units and can be assembled in 3-5 days. From the outside, Vipp looks like any other designer cabin; it looks utterly urban, elegant and distant in its architecture. However, once you go in you can see the place for what it is – a warm and welcoming holiday home.

Vipp Shelter hotel photos

The Vipp Shelter hotel is anything but your conventional holiday home. Sure it has the look and the ambiance, but it is much more than a simple luxury resort. Made from the finest grade industrial steel, the structure can be installed anytime, anywhere. The metal building consists of two floors and can accommodate 4 people easily. The entire cabin is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass windows that provide a surreal, panoramic view of the nearby wilderness. Only the bedroom and the bed loft are structured a bit away from the view. The open space living space is perfect for travelers who want to soak up the rich green foliage and truly enjoy the bliss of being in the lap of nature.

Vipp Shelter photos

Vipp Shelter looks like a commercial-level cabin pod that has popped up straight out of some elite magazine. If you’re looking for a cozy or colorful hotel then this is not the place for you. The moody, dark and apparently melancholic interiors are deliberately designed to blend in beautifully with the foliage. The hotel is fully furnished; Vipp takes care of all your basic necessities down to the toiletries and groceries you’ll need during your stay here.

If you find the exterior design and architecture of Vipp daunting and gloomy, the interiors would definitely take you by surprise. The hotel can best be described as chic and elegant, every inch of the living space is covered in furnishings by Vipp. You get all of the home comforts here, from the linen to the toiletries and even the wastebasket bears the personalized mark of Vipp.

Vipp Shelter photo

The resort can house up to four people, there’s the main bedroom with a king-sized bed and two single lofts downstairs where you can accommodate two more people. The bathroom, open kitchen, and living space are all decorated in shades of black, white and grey, camouflaging with the forests. The entire area gets ample of natural light and warmth thanks to the skyline and giant floor-to-ceiling windows that cover the hotel. The décor is pretty minimalistic featuring but monochromatic shades and little furniture. There’s a lot of free space where you can just lounge about and soak in the breathing view outside.

Vipp Shelter hotel number

The striking hotel stands as a rock amidst the entire wilderness, it stands apart in its simplicity and elegant architecture. Vipp takes you back to the basics; the compact capsule focuses on providing just the primitive needs of humans.

Vipp Shelter foto

Vipp Shelter is a meeting ground of sophistication and natural charm. Here, you get the best of both worlds, a chic modern living space surrounded by hills and tall trees. The stylish and sleek structure is very private and isolated from the main city. Wake up to the chirpings of birds and rustling of leaves- sounds that are drowned in the din of urban squalor. You can simply laze around the whole day, cook your meals, maybe read or watch nature unfurl her glory. Yes, the simple insignificant act of having breakfast can turn out to be an utterly magical experience here at Vipp. Also, there’s a blazing fireplace where you can cuddle up with your favorite beverage. The nights are equally beautiful, the glass ceiling and huge windows give you a roundabout view of the night sky. You’re literally sleeping under the stars!

Vipp Shelter inside

The more adventurous travelers can venture out and explore the nearby forests. Acquaint yourself with the local flora and fauna of Denmark. The shelter is located right next to Lake Immelman, perfect for canoeing. The lake is home to numerous bays and over a hundred small islands that you can check out during your stay here. You can get your everyday groceries and other items from Kristianstad, a local store that is 23 km away. The Vipp Loft in Copenhagen is a 10-minute cycle ride from the city’s center.

Vipp Shelter interior

Vipp has two hotels or shelter accommodations set up, one in Copenhagen and another in the forests of Sweden. Both these places are constructed in an isolated space and feature similar monochrome décor and offer the basic facilities.

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Vipp describes its shelter as a “liveable design object dropped down in nature”. Take a break from your materialistic pleasures and taste the joys of primitive living. Listed below are a few other facts and details about the Vipp Shelter that would make your stay all the more memorable here:

  • You won’t find many of the conventional facilities here, there is no gym, no housekeeping, no reception or lobby
  • The kitchen is well-stocked, you can even get more groceries from the nearby store that is but an hour’s drive away
  • People who don’t like to cook their own meals can find the dining options in the nearby neighborhoods of Islands Brygge and Christianshavn
  • Everything you see here from the bed sheets to the furnishings is organic and eco-friendly.
  • Children and pets are not entertained here.

Vipp is a shelter in the very literal sense of the term. It provides guests but a roof over their heads, some food on the table and a warm bed to rest their head on. There are no other facilities or additional perks, unlike most other luxury or boutique hotels you’ll find elsewhere. Vipp stands out because of this simplicity and minimalistic design. The entire space is designed as an extension of the forests; it stands out but also blends in with the wilderness into one organic whole. Furnished with Vipp products, the place strikes a perfect balance between clear aesthetic coherence and use of solid materials.

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