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Every hotel or resort you see today is an exact replica of the other, replete with materialistic pleasures and luxuries. While that is not a bad thing, it does get monotonous after some time when every accommodation seems to offer the same kind of services. In the rat-race to be the most sophisticated and advanced of lodgings, hotels are drifting away from the simple pleasures of life. The modern day traveler is not satisfied with elegant architecture and high-tech features, for top notch services might contribute to a comfortable stay but they do not quench the thirst for adventure that we harbor in our hearts. We are in dire need for hotels that strike the delicate balance, offering guests a unique experience in the wilderness of nature without compromising on the luxuries. Hotels like Vivood in Paisaje, Spain are among the few places that actually manage to get it right.

Vivood Hotel Paisaje

Read on to know all about the ambiance and facilities you get here and reasons why Vivood is the ideal destination this holiday season:

Vivood Hotel Paisaje Spain

Vivood group of hotels is the brainchild of architects Daniel Mayo, Agustín Marí and Pablo Vázquez who wanted to build a luxury hotel in a remote isolated location using sustainable construction methods and eco-friendly technology. The accommodations were originally intended to be prefabricated units with an unconventional foldable design. This philosophy was later used in the creation of Landscape hotels by Vivood. The idea was implemented successfully in the first of the many Landscape hotels set in the unspoiled Guadalest Valley. Located in the Virgin of the Guadalest Valley, Vivood Landscape Hotels are a pioneering figure in introducing a unique and path-breaking lodging space that though set in the lap of nature has all the luxuries you’d expect of a five-star resort.

Vivood Hotel Paisaje Spain review

The destination hotel was inaugurated and opened to the public over last summer. It is challenging indeed to create a hotel that provides the best of services in the middle of nowhere. However, the team of architects and engineers have managed to do the impossible, that is, find the silver lining that integrates the modern-day infrastructure with the natural landscape of the place. With the 25 independent suites, restaurants, bars, open terraces and Jacuzzis, the place is the ideal gateway for adults to escape the chaos of city life.

Vivood Hotel Paisaje Benimantell exterior

The Vivood Landscape is an adults’ only hotel that offers couples and solo travelers a peaceful stay in isolated glass cabins against the backdrop of wild hills and forests of Spain. The hotel is set in the heart of the Valley, smack in the middle of Aitana and Serrella mountain ranges. The winding pathways and surrounding greenery are a refreshing change from the cluttered buildings of urban cities. The hotel also boasts an outdoor pool, a bar, an open terrace and a Jacuzzi. The prefabricated glass cabins are built on higher platforms so as to reduce the impact of the rugged landscape and get the best views of the nearby valleys.

Vivood Hotel Paisaje Benimantell review

Vivood focuses on helping guests escape the stress of everyday life by immersing them in the wilderness of nature. The Vivood Landscape project is more of a business model developed by Daniel Mayo that aims to use modular architecture in creating sustainable homes in rural areas and outskirts of Paisaje, Spain. The first cabin was constructed in the Guadalest Valley and since then 25 individual hotels have developed along the slopes. The modular suites are connected by pathways to the restaurants, hot springs, and open terraces.

Vivood Hotel Paisaje photos

Vivood Landscape has recently consolidated as a new hotel chain that is designed and developed by a team of architects who wanted to create isolated living spaces amidst the wilderness of valleys and forests. The prefabricated glass-walled cabins made of wood and black viroc (made from compressed pine-wood and cement) are set on high wooden platforms that offer a panoramic view of the nearby foliage. The infinity pools and open terraces give you the exclusivity and solitude. The glass walls provide a majestic view of the wide mountain ranges, plenty of sunshine and fresh air. All the elements of the resort, right from the glass cabins to the open-air pools and terraces have been fabricated into one big structure. The hotel though scattered offers adequate connectivity for socializing.

Vivood Hotel Paisaje photos

The Vivood chain of hotels concentrates on establishing a direct, physical and visual contact with the environment. Here, guests can savour a 360-degree view of the valleys and mountains while sipping coffee in the comforts of their rooms. The floor to wall glass windows are laid out on each of the 25 module units including the bedrooms and the bathrooms. The place fosters a sense of seclusion as the modules are spread over an area of 1500 meter square.

Vivood Hotel Paisaje photo

The Vivood Landscape hotels present a fine example of sustainable architecture and eco-tourism. The module units are constructed in such a way that they dosn’t disturb the natural topography of the area. The architects aimed at preserving and restoring the landscape using native vegetation. The architecture of the buildings is such that no one would be able to trespass or spy upon the inhabitants of the cabins from the outside. You can sit anywhere you want and contemplate things or simply enjoy the solitude with no one to disturb you. There are pathways lined in the back of each cabin that connects them to the pools and other places. And while the exteriors look intimidating, the internal décor of has a different story to tell. Each of the 25 suites is furnished with the most advanced features. The spacious, airy rooms are minimalistic and pristine. All the rooms are structured around a central spine that acts as a connecting link to the many pathways and passes between the cabins.

Vivood Hotel Paisaje number

Hotel Vivood’s prioritizes its proximity to nature while preserving the ecological balance of the place. The modular cabins are raised by thin stilt-like platforms to reduce the disruption caused by the surrounding vegetation. The elevated columns provide the additional use of serving as an observation deck. The ceramic tiled floors, white walls, and pristine furnishings only enhance the peacefulness and quietude of the cabins.

Vivood Hotel Paisaje fotos

Located in Benimantell, Vivood Hotel Pasaje is a few minutes’ walk away from The Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum of Guadalest and Micro-Gigantic Museum. It is also very close to the San Jose Castle and Ethnological Museum of the Valley of Guadalest. Benidorm is 17 km from Vivood Hotel Paisaje while Alicante ranges are 45 km away. The nearest airport is Alicante Airport, 54 km from Vivood Hotel Paisaje. Tourists can walk up to all of these tourist attractions. The mountain pathways and fresh air of the valleys only uplift your spirit contributing to the sense of adventure. People can learn about the topography and local culture of Spain by visiting the nearby cities of Paisaje. Even the Alicante International Airport is about an hour’s drive away.

Vivood Hotel Paisaje foto

There is no dearth of things to do when you are literally in the lap of nature! The place is a treat for the senses, offering adventurers and sports junkies a golden opportunity to try out the many extreme sports such as paragliding, bungee jumping, mountain climbing, trekking, and camping. Take long luxurious walks through the winding pathways flanked by the green lush foliage on both sides. Breathe in the crisp mountain air and explore the biodiversity of the Aitana and Serrella mountain ranges. The resort is also ideal for guests who like staying indoors, you can never have your fill of the magical view! Four of the cabins have private Jacuzzis that overlook the spectacular valleys and surrounding hills. Even the infinity pools and open terraces offer a magical view. Guests can lounge by the pool or laze around at the terrace in the evenings or during starry nights and experience the bountiful nature at her best.

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Listed below are some interesting facts about the place that would help you during your stay here:

  • The hotel arranges tours and trek trips to the nearby hills, you can even rent bicycles or bikes to travel around the explore the landscape.
  • The hotel has its own restaurant and minibar where guests can enjoy the best of local flavors and international dishes.
  • Complimentary services include free on-site parking, housekeeping facilities, laundry and luggage storage.
  • Each of the Standard, Pool, and Premium suites has an LCD TV, free internet connectivity and minibar for entertainment.
  • Vivood is strictly an adult hotel. Kids and pets are not allowed in this hotel, teenagers below 16 years are not welcome.

Settled in the south-eastern portion of the Guadalest slopes, Vivood Landscape hotel unobtrusively occupies the Spanish Valley. It seamlessly combines the rugged undulating terrain with the neutral décor of the cabins offering travelers a memorable vacationing experience. This year, plan your stay at the Vivood Landscape.

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