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Let’s face it, we all fantasize about those times when gunslingers and outlaws were immortalized by the tales of their adventures, those classic one on one standoffs, their grit, and most of all that silence before they went out all guns blazing – yes you know what we’re talking about – that classic Clint Eastwood American Wild West. If you want to relive the era, the setting, the silence of the Wild West, you don’t need a time machine. All you need to do is to get on a plane to New Zealand. The WagonStays luxury escape located at 2115 Old West Coast Road, Courtenay, 8025 New Zealand, is the place for you. Located near the Waimakariri River, WagonStays provides a glimpse of New Zealand’s stunning beauty. Established in the early 2005, the hotel has received wide acclaim from various magazines and is a “must visit” for those who want relive the glory days of the Wild West. The WagonStays was included in Google’s Top 10 Most Unique Accommodation Places in the World and also in Top 5 Best Beds on Wheels by U.K Independent Traveller and its steadily gaining a cult status among the travel geeks.

WagonStays luxury escape

The WagonStays offers you unique early settlers’ style accommodation in beautiful natural surroundings. It can easily be summed up as the place where luxury meets history and nature. The wagon resembles those travel wagons from all those Sergio Leone movies. But inside the wagon it is another story; the wagon is provided with all the modern comforts you would expect from a luxury accommodation. The 90 acre farm in Courtenay where the WagonStays is located is only 30 minutes away from the heart of Christchurch. The place provides all the mystic beauty which is seen in the Lord Of The Ring trilogy (director Peter Jackson capitalised on New Zealand’s raw beauty to depict the Middle Earth of orcs, wizards, elves, hobbits and all those mythical creatures from Tolkien’s imagination).

WagonStays luxury escape

The wagon is a stunning recreation of an old western style wagon, complete with canvas canopy and a beautiful hand-crafted timber interior. Inside the wagon, a beautiful queen size bed awaits you. The wagon is further equipped with a soft leather sofa and a wood stove along with all those furniture items that make you believe you are in Austin Texas of the 1800’s.

The wagon has an adequate outside patio area which has a BBQ and outdoor seating. A vintage claw foot outdoor bath is also provided near the wagon. The atmosphere around the wagon provides all those lovely views which most of you would have dreamt of witnessing since you saw Lord of the rings. The place provides you all the features for a romantic getaway with your loved one and it is definitely one of those places where you can create memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

WagonStays luxury escape

Christchurch International Airport is a 25-minute drive from WagonStays Luxury Bed & Breakfast Christchurch. The Christchurch Casino and Christchurch Botanic Gardens are just a quick ride from the bed & breakfast. Parking is also provided and is completely free of cost. The WagonStays also provides you cab services if you want to explore further New Zealand. Check-ins can be made from morning 10 AM to night 11 PM and customer friendly service is provided all the time. Those who are able to tear themselves away from the comfort and luxury of the wagon are encouraged to discover the farm setting. There is even a shearing shed where guests can play table tennis.

WagonStays luxury escape

The wagon is a truly luxurious, unique experience, and the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion – or just to treat yourself to some relaxation and fresh, country air.

The Wagon is tucked into a secluded, but easily accessible part of the 90 acre farm. You can drive your car right up to the site, so it’s no drama to pop out to explore the local area for a few hours at any time you like. You can also visit the 150 year old Courtenay School a stone’s throw away – well worth a wander around. Explore the Waimakariri River, a couple of minutes drive away. Perfect for fishing, walking and swimming. Other local activities include horse riding, jet boating and skiing or snowboarding during the winter months. Your hosts Jasmine and Mike can give you more details and help with bookings.

WagonStays luxury escape

The WagonStays breakfast is something of a legend in New Zealand. It’s very famous and thankfully is a part of the package. In fact, WagonStays owes a part of its popularity to the delicious breakfast, served hot in bed. The breakfast includes fruits, cereals, homemade yogurt, toast, spreads, juice and some delicious wagon cakes, which you can enjoy as if you were at home. The meals are also available for an additional charge which actually is a bargain. The different types of meals include:

  • The Outdoor Oven meal in which gourmet cuts of meat is provided for you to cook yourself and it is served with fresh, locally produced vegetables along with cold meat, breads, cheese, pickles, crackers, dips etc.
  • The Crock Pot meal offers beef, guinness and prunes that will blow your mind away. It is also backed by a string of quality side dishes. It’s perfect for those chilly days where you can enjoy a classy meal with your family.
  • The Wagon Platter offers you a light meal with numerous snacks and dishes. It also includes cheeses, salmon, , cold cuts, chutneys, mussels, sausage, spreads, dips, chocolates, pate, fresh fruit, and various other snacks.

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What sets WagonStays apart from any other concept-accommodation option in New Zealand is the fact that it gives you the complete package of awesome living spaces, pampering breakfasts, a plethora of amenities, and awesome service. Here’s a quick snapshot of the WagonStays experience:

  • The Wagons provide all the necessary modern facilities like Wi-Fi, televisions, air conditioning etc.
  • It also gives you the option to cook your own food and enjoy; or else the innkeeper Jasmine Lochore provides you with her trademark New Zealand cuisine.
  • If you think it’s only suitable for couples enjoying their honeymoon or couples on romantic getaways, you are mistaken as the hotel offers family packs for groups planning vacations with children, with childcare services available on the farm.
  • Smoking is allowed in the farm, one less thing to worry about right? Alcohol is provided with the service.
  • It’s a place where you can enjoy yourself to the maximum with your family. You can make camp fires, tell stories to the children.
  • The WagonStays also allows you to bring your pets which are a great bonus as you don’t need to find anyone to look after your pet when you are planning your vacation.
  • The WagonStays also allows you to bring your own food and obviously cook your own food. All the necessary pans, pots etc required for cooking are available in the wagon itself. Further, if you are planning on eating out, then there is the fabulous Langdales Winery which is only an 11 minute drive away.
  • The WagonStays also provides other facilities like a decent library, cameras and video players, cafes, fridge etc. All of this, available for you at a rate of only NZD 295 per night, provided is a decent bet, considering the uniqueness on offer.
  • Money needs to be deposited beforehand and if you want to cancel the trip before the commencement of the trip you can easily cancel it and you will get your full amount back.

So if you are planning a romantic getaway or a family vacation to New Zealand, the WagonStays is one of the strongest contenders you should consider. Those people who fantasize about those 18th century times are certain to enjoy it more than anybody else.

WagonStays luxury escape

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