Yunak Evleri Cappadocia – The Most Luxurious Caves of the World!

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Technology has changed our lives for the better. However, the numerous comforts and luxuries of urban life can never compensate for the warmth of a forest or the beauty of the magnificent mountains. An increase in the level of pollution, excessive work pressure, and jam-packed schedules have further widened the chasm between man and nature. It is ironic how people today are willing to pay a fortune to explore the lush green pastures and hills in their full glory and grandeur. We no longer seek materialistic luxuries but the peace and contentment in the lap of nature.

Yunak Evleri hotel

The tourism industry has quite successfully monetized on this shift of customer tastes by introducing innovative and path-breaking resort themes and adventure hotels. Set in an exotic location, these hotels offer guests a lot more than small lodging facilities. Adventure hotels, boutique resorts, and nature hotels are among the few popular vacation spots for travelers. One such cave hotel is Yunak Evleri, a luxurious 5-star resort set smack in the middle of Turkey. Read on to find out more about this incredible place in the review below.

Yunak Evleri Turkey

Are you are a travel enthusiast who loves exploring new places over the world? Want to break free from the hustle and bustle of city life and run for the hills? Cappadocia is the perfect gateway for you. Situated in eastern Anatolia, the city of Cappadocia is the heart of Turkey.

Yunak Evleri Turkey review

Contrary to popular belief, life as a caveman is not all that tough. Experience it for yourself in the large and sophisticated Yunak Evleri, a resort that combines the best of primitive beauty and modern comforts. Cave dwellings at Cappadocia are as old as the 5th century, the area’s soft tuff a result of the continuous volcanic activity. Sometime in the early 90s, an entrepreneur, Yusuf Gorurgoz from the provincial town of Ürgüp bought all the cave dwellings and converted it into a five-star luxury resort. However, it was not a one day job; once the local inhabitants were safely relocated; it took about four years for Yusuf and his team of professional engineers to completely transform the place into the enigma we witness today.

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Set in the magical town of Cappadocia, a land peppered with ancient caves, hotel Yunuk Evleri is a combination of six cave houses and one huge mansion. Earlier, in the old days, women gathered around the town square around the local fountain for washing clothes and bathing. Yunak was then the center of attraction before people had running water taps in their houses.

Yunak Evleri Cappadocia

Owing to the rocky terrain and uneven topography of Turkey, cave dwellings in Cappadocia are a common sight. The original rock houses formed due of continuous depositions over the centuries have given the place an antique, almost surreal charm. The Hotel Yunak Evleri is carved out of 600-year-old soft limestone rock and required a lot of renovation and refurbishment. Built by the entrepreneur, Yusuf Gorurgoz, it took approximately four years for the hotel to be the five-star lodging it is today. The place has a strange, mysterious air to it, as the guests cannot help but notice the striking architectural features in the imperfect, precarious ledges and cliff hangers that dominate the hotel.

Yunak Evleri Cappadocia review

Yunak Evleri translates to “well houses,” and was previously the town square where people gathered to wash clothes, fill water and indulge in other daily chores. Set in the southern corner of a massive cliff looming above the town of Cappadocia, the resort is peppered with underground tunnels, niches, casements, and stairs dug deep inside the rocks. The resort manages to strike the perfect balance offering a blend of rustic beauty and contemporary sophistication. It is a beautiful juxtaposition of man-made material luxuries and the unspoiled, raw natural beauty.

Yunak Evleri hotel photos

Yunak Evleri, a cave hotel restored and recreated from the old town of Yunak, is known for its unusual structure and surreal ambiance. The architecture of the place is a welcome change for people who are used to the symmetry and monotony of urban skyscrapers and apartments. Carved out of soft limestone rock and volcanic deposits, the place is peppered with holes and ancient caves. The resort has a striking resemblance to the city of Bedrock (Flintstones anyone?), only with high-tech facilities and modern features.

Yunak Evleri hotel photo

Set in Cappadocia’s landscape of fairy chimneys, Yunak Evleri is a unique cave hotel that is carved into the mountain cliffs. The grand entrance of the Greek mansion is lined with stone columns and fountains on either side of the driveway. The open terrace, twisted staircases, and eerie underground passages give the hotel a very gothic feel. The overall structure of the resort is very strange and unnerving; especially for a city dweller used who is used to regular patterns and conventional designs. Moreover, the candlesticks illuminating the corners of the property, standing beautifully on the rock carvings and holes give the hotel a unique, mysterious glow. The hotel architecture is heavily inspired by the local folklore featuring traditional patterns and colors that only amplify the elegance of the place.

Yunak Evleri photo

The sleek, stylish and spacious cave rooms have all the high-tech features and furnishings for a comfortable stay. With colorful mosaic floors and wrought iron beds, the place is surprisingly straightforward and minimalistic in design. The Yunak Evleri, though very compact with just 30 rooms, is a paradise for individual travelers and introverts. Each suite is vaulted or rectangular furnished with antiques as old as 18th-century Ottoman relics. Moreover, the arch shaped windows and attics in each room features intricate Mediterranean styled carvings giving the resort a very cozy, and nostalgic feel.

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The reception and dining area of the hotel date back to the 19th century. Also, the white marbled bathrooms have the best quality furnishings complete with an indoor pool, sauna center, and private Jacuzzi.

Yunak Evleri is a first-class hotel situated far away from the chaos of civilization, a fantastic opportunity for the city dweller who wants to escape the clutches of urban squalor. The magnificent interiors are so plush and luxurious that you would never want to leave your room! A refrigerator, minibar and free Wi-Fi connectivity cover just about all your materialistic needs. Moreover, the huge patios and terraces attached to each room offer a spectacular view of the nearby cliffs and wilderness. You could just sit there for hours sipping wine or hot Turkish beverages soaking up the warm sun and feasting on the breath-taking view of the town unfolding underneath you.

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The on-site library is well stocked featuring both international and local authors. You can browse through the extensive collection of Turkish cultures. The place also has a well-equipped music room where visitors can spend their time enjoying the playful jazz music or soulful, authentic classical songs. The private dining area and open terraces are beautiful places to have candlelight dinners and small gatherings. Moreover, the public indoor pool and spa nearby help you relax and rejuvenate after a hectic day of sightseeing.

Yunak Evleri interior

The place also caters to adventure lovers and fitness enthusiast; the gymnasium has all the latest high-tech exercise machines for your daily workout. Guests can also visit the nearby town to mingle with the locals and explore the culture and food of Turkey.

Yunak Evleri hotel review

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How to Book:

Listed below is some useful advice on the hotel that will make your stay at Yunuk Evleri all the more memorable:

  • The property is a non-smoking area, chuck the cigarettes before you enter.
  • The hotel has a shared lobby and TV room where guests can watch movies or catch up on the daily news
  • The suites are all soundproof with a central air condition regulation system to monitor the temperature.
  • The place is kid friendly and offers babysitting and in-house childcare services at a nominal fee
  • Round the clock help at the front desk, also the staff is multi-lingual and friendly
  • Turkish steam baths, spas, and public pools are blissful after a tough day of sightseeing
  • Each guest is given a local tour guide who takes you to all the nearby places you want to see.
  • Housekeeping services at always up-to-par.
  • Free parking, airport and station pickups and car rentals further simplify your stay here
  • You can even book the hotel for receptions, elite parties, and business conferences.

Yunuk Evleri sure has changed from the primitive, humble town of Yunak, Cappadocia. The cave dwelling, though luxurious are essentially rustic and authentic at heart. The stable uneven structure though not perfectly symmetrical or conventional manages to achieve a magical harmony that most contemporary dwellings can only dream of.

Yunak Evleri review

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